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Another Look From NYFW SS 2024

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We are about three months away from the next Fashion Week if you can believe that one. The holidays are more or less upon us and then on the heel of his comes the shows for NYFW F/W 2024. I kind of can’t wrap my brain around this, but such is the life of a busy fashionista. This look is from day one of fashion week for me. I have to admit I did not put a lot of planning into it, most of the pieces I already owned.

An Interview and Day Out in NYC With Local NY Designer Sam of Samantha Siu

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Today I am interviewing local NYC designer Samantha of Samatha Siu. We had a lively and informative chat. It was wonderful to learn about Samantha and her journey. And after the interview we went to some of Sam’s favorite places in New York from gift shops, to one of her favorite lunch spots to a super chic boutique where she bought the dress she is wearing. Such a fun day. S0 pull up a seat and please join us!

Summer 2023 A Day in Northport New York

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Summer is coming to a close and I have to say I am looking forward to fall. We had ups and downs this summer, with some hot days, and a lot of humidity. But also some cooler days. August has been unseasonably cooler than usual, and you can feel a bit of fall in the air. I can not believe it is literally two weeks away from NYFW. Needless to say I am starting to get super busy. But todays video is from earlier in the summer when I was less busy. It is quick one, but captures the summer vibes…

Vanity Bae Press On Nails Tutorial

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Hi everyone, today I will be doing a press on nails tutorial using Vanity Bae press on nails. This was my first time using press on nails and I love them! They are affordable at $12.99, easy to use and stay on. A few popped off but it was easy and quick to reapply them. It is so nice to have long nicely shaped nails! Generally, this rather difficult for me with my natural nails, as they grow in uneven and break easily.

Flying Solo Designer Party in NYC

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One of the best things about living in New York is being at the center of the fashion world this side of the pond. And one of the perks of said situation would be attending the many well heeled fashion events held through out the city. On this night I attended Flying Solo’s emerging designer party held at their studios in Soho in downtown Manhattan.