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NYFW With Flying Solo Part one

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This was my least busy Fashion Week to date. Between COVID, my mom’s passing and the multiple snow storms I was not up for much. And with the pandemic and the challenging weather, the season overall was slow. But I did get to the Flying Solo shows there were six in total and I stayed for all of them, though it was freezing out and we were on a rooftop. And the models oh boy, they deserve an award for braving that level of cold wearing clothing that was meant for the tropics.

NYFW SS02021 In The New Normal

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Today starts the official kickoff of NYFW SS2021. Last season was the first season where Fashion Week took place during the pandemic and what we now know as the new normal. Last season the shows were held in September as most of you know, so the weather of course, was much warmer. The Flying Solo shows were held on a rooftop much like they were this season. I attended the shows on Saturday and baby it was COLD. It was so cold my phone would not work. The iPhone is only promised to work at 32 degrees and not below, which it did not. The phone was too cold to read the sim card, so I could not do anything except use the camera. And my G7X also gave me some problems with the battery dying after about 45 minutes due to the extreme cold. And the models? Boy were they troopers. They were literally wearing bathing suits on a rooftop where you could see snow and ice on the edges.

The Yellow Bag Trend—Add a Little Joy To Your Life

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It seems like fashion has come to a stand still in 2020. With everyone being locked down, staying indoors and working from home the usual trends churn did not happen quite so readily. But there are still quite a few trends coming to the forefront—not including of course the ongoing loungewear trend. With many of us feeling that maybe, just maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.