WildFang & Gender Neutral Dressing. The # of the moment For Lookbook Friday

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Today I am sharing with you a new brand I discovered last month Wildfang. Not wholly new, they have been around for about seven years but new to the overall fashion industry. I discovered them the old school way—walking down the street. Some of you may have seen this in my Christmas 2019 vlog, but I was about and about with Rowena of Rolala Loves when we came across the WildFang store. We of course had to go inside and I was pleasantly surprised with this approachable gender neutral brand. The store was great and the staff was helpful without being pushy.

A Thrifted Coat on a Cold Winter Day

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The holidays are over and it is back to the day to day. Fashion Week is only a month away and it is crazy how quickly it comes on the heels of the holiday season. During the rush of the season I did a quick shoot on one of the coldest days of year thus far, though it has not been particularly cold so far this winter. Lets hope the polar vortex does not rear it’s ugly head the week of Fashion Week.

Fendi SS 2020 For Lookbook Friday

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Today I am sharing with you Fendi’s SS220 show in Milan. Fendi much like Gucci are the masters of what I like to call quirky chic. Not quite in the realm of the avant-garde yet certainly not classical in any traditional sense the brand embraces this element of individuality with distinctly out of the box apparel that never loses touch with it’s feminine core. A bit more conventionally pretty and approachable then Gucci…

PFW SS2020 Street Style Third Installment

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Here is the third installment of my Paris Fashion Week street style, these images were captured outside a number of shows, though in this installment many were shot outside the Moohong show. From the attendees to the now off duty models I was able to capture them. You will see more people smoking. That is one of things that always stands out to me when I am in Paris how many people smoke. And young people too. But they are still healthier then their American counterparts

Vera Wang Winter 2019 For Lookbook Friday

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We are in the most magical of months celebrating the holiday season with visions of sugared plums and snow queen fairies dancing in our heads. Hardly wedding season winter weddings are becoming more popular. New York like many parts of the United States suffers from high humidity in the summer months and spring is often rainy.

Trends Straight From The Streets of Paris

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I will be chatting today about the trends I witnessed on the streets of Paris this past fall. I always feel Parisian style is a bit more individualistic then American style. I find in the states that people are much more driven by specific trends and brands, with everyone wearing similar looks and styles from the same fashion houses; almost a uniform if you will; while in Paris it is more about expressing your individual style. That said Parisians do indeed follow trends much like their counterparts across the pond. I mean no one is immune to FOMO.