• Odd People Official Spring/Summer 2019

    Today we are looking at ODD PEOPLE Official’s lineup for Spring/Summer 2019. I discovered this brand when I started following the brand’s founder on Instagram. Her photos caught my eye and then I realized she was the designer behind the clothes!

    Classic White Dressers An Easy Way to Do a Chic Interior

    It has been a minute since I have done an interior design based post. I love room make overs and seeing spaces transformed and how creative people can be when reimagining their spaces. I recently went on a major cleaning…

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    Loveshack Fancy Resort 2019 For Lookbook Friday

    We had quite the rough start to summer here in New York, it seems this summer is following in the footsteps of last summer with heavy rains and lots of humidity. It literally rained six days in row last week, and it is mid June?? Felt more like the end of April

    A Sustainable Gold Necklace, a Pre-Loved Dress & a Quiet Day in Manhattan

    My sustainable shopping habits does not end with clothes, I am also looking to shop more sustainably for accessories and even furniture. Much like handbags I have stopped buying cheap throw away jewelry. You think you are getting a deal when you buy inexpensive jewelry;

    Etro Spring-Summer 2019 For Lookbook Friday

    Today I am switching things up a bit and going for a bit of a lighter tone then last week. Today we are looking at Etro’s spring summer lineup for 2019. I am a fan of looking at current collections…

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    A Beachy Pre-Loved Look For an Early Summer Day

    I am on a pre-loved tear. I use to do a lot of thrift shopping when I lived in Seattle about a decade ago, and then I stepped away from it a bit and started buying more new clothes. For…

    Gucci Fall 2019 A Gleeful Celebration With a Dark Foreboding Message

    I think most people will agree we are living in trying times. Albeit, trying times that on the surface appear to be a paradox. We are told here in the U.S that the economy is booming, really? The only people who believe this are the government and the media. Speak to anyone on the ground and they say otherwise

    Pre-loved Shopping in Brooklyn With My Parisian Niece

    I sometimes feel like the super young generation is more “woke” then the rest of us. And I also feel like young people abroad are a bit more woke then their American counter-parts. Though sadly it seems instead of marching against climate change en

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    Polo Ralph Lauren Spring 2019 For Lookbook Friday

    Classic, clean, sporty are three words that come to mind when thinking of Polo by Ralph Lauren. And these elements are indeed the essential corner stones of the collection, however, there is also a free-spirited youthfulness and a freshness to the collection that breaths new life into the traditional fashion house.

    Zara Leopard Print Blazer For Memorial Day Weekend

    This past Memorial Day weekend was fun and relaxing. On Memorial Day itself I generally do not do too much and I certainly do not shop. This holiday is a day of remembrance and giving thanks to those that served.

    DOEN Summer 2019 For Lookbook Friday

    My regular readers know that I have been speaking as of late on the impact that our purchases have on the environment. For anyone who read Monday’s post knows that even buying high higher is fraught with ethical conflicts. It can seem over whelming and daunting

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