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Vanity Bae Press On Nails Tutorial

[dropcap custom_class="whbr"]Hi everyone, today I will be doing a press on nails tutorial using Vanity Bae press on nails. This was my first time using press on nails and I love them! They are affordable at $12.99, easy to use and stay on. A few popped off but it was easy and quick to reapply them. It is so nice to have long nicely shaped nails! Generally, this rather difficult for me with my natural nails, as they grow in uneven and break easily.[/dropcap]
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Beauty Pie Unboxing

[dropcap custom_class="whb"Hi Everyone today I am sharing with you my first Beauty Pie Unboxing. I recently found out about this brand and I am duly impressed, it is like Amazon for beauty. You pay $59 for the year and then purchase all items at a heavily discounted price. You pay drug store prices but the products are on the level of high-end department store brands, I mean what is not to love?[/dropcap]
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