• Michael Kors A/W For Lookbook Friday

    Today I am sharing Michael Kors’s collection for Fall Winter 2019. This is another show that I saw on a lot you influencers channels that I follow on YouTube. I really feel like Michael Kors knocked it out of the park with this lineup. I love the super 70s boho chic influence with a touch of the nineties.

    NYFW Street Style Part Four

    Here is the next installment of my Fashion Week street style post series. Wrapping up day two, and then onward to day five. The other days I did not shoot as I was either attending shows or the weather was…

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    Sister Jane London For Lookbook Friday

    The summer rays are just around the corner. And we will be dressing for picnics in the park, strolling along the boardwalk and dinning at outdoor cafes. Can you see it?


    I shot this a view weeks ago at the very end of March, it was not warm. Spring has not quite sprung here in NY. Nothing is really blooming yet though it has is a been bit warmer. On this…

    Ann Sui Fall 2019 For Lookbook Friday

    Today we are looking at the Anna Sui collection for Fall 2019. This is a show I would so have loved to attend. Should I visualize myself sitting front row? I am a rabid fan of the Anna Sui aesthetic: colorful, vibrant, cheeky and modest without being frumpy. The beautiful saturated jewel tones and

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    NYFW Steet Style Fall 2019 Part Three

    Yes more from NYFW street style as I took over two thousand photos. That is a lot of editing, retouching and resizing for sure. And I want to spread it out as 300-400 photos (after edit) would be way too much for one post. Right? I hope you enjoy this installment. I captured a few influencers I follow such as..,

    RIXO Of London Resort 2019 For Lookbook Friday

    It may be spring here in New York but I am still dreaming of warmer shores as the weather insists on being quite dreary and cold. I would love to spontaneously book a flight to Miami but alas I am…

    Glossier & Lilly Pulitzer in NYC Come With Me

    Well spring is officially here. And it may raining out today here in New York but last week on a warmish sunny day I headed to the Glossier store here in New York and to an event for Lilly Pulitzer.

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    LISOU Spring Summer 2019 For Lookbook Friday

    Ah yes spring is nearly here. So ready to step out in attire that does not resemble a woolly mammoth. Don’t get me wrong I love a good teddy coat but strolling down the street in light floral printed frock…

    NYFW Street Style Fall 2019 Part Two

    Here is part two of NYFW street style. So many fabulously dressed ladies and gents. As I mentioned in the last post I took a lot of photos. I really enjoy being out there shooting, though admittedly it can be…

    Attico Spring-Sumer 2019 For Lookbook Friday

    Who doesn’t like to make a statement. Well there may be some wall flowers out there, but in todays digital selfie age standing out is key. Right? Well look no further then Attico’s lineup for Spring-Summer 2019. Color…

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