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PFW Sping/Summer 2024 Vlog

Well here it is, my Paris Fashion Week video. It is quite a long one but I did a lot. Met lots of fun fashionistas, went to shows, shopped, and spent time with my family. It was a great trip. Paris has my heart for sure.


  1. As usual, you capture some of the most intriguing/interesting street style looks! The girl with the massive shield sunglasses might be my fave. What an adventure- another PFW in the books!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. So fun!!

    Curated by Jennifer

  3. I loved the video, so many stylish people.

  4. I haven’t seen the full video yet, Allie, but from what I’ve seen so far in your vid Paris Fashion Week was just fab! I love how you always ask the IG handles of the the fab people:) The street style was awesome as always.

  5. Wow! What an incredible experience. I so appreciate you sharing some of the highlights from your time there. You are such a fashion inspiration! You have the best style. Those sunglasses about 50 minutes into the video are really cool.

  6. I feel like nothing rivals a Paris Fashion Show! So many intracite pieces…and people! 🙂



  7. I love so much your eye to always found the most edgy. stylish and original dressed people!
    Every girl here looks so cool that I can’t relly coice my fav!
    Great job, sweetie!

  8. How fun! I love seeing all of the different styles, it’s so inspiring!

  9. So much inspo in your Vlog! I love that you are able to capture so much style and share it with us! Have a great week!
    PerlaGiselle | iamperlita.com

  10. What an exciting trip to one of the most important fashion capitals, I loved the looks you chose to attend the shows or walk through the city, the street style has surprised me with a lot of creativity, apparently the glitter and rhinestones are a strong trend.

  11. It looks like you had a wonderful time. So many well-dressed people, I especially like the outfit with the lilac dress. Also love your outfit with green skirt.

  12. You’re absolutely right, this box has a nice variety of products =) I love to get surprised by boxes.

    Great vlog, thanks for sharing =)

  13. I visited Paris almost 8-9 years ago. Its beautiful and want to visit again. Great video Allie. The show looks fun to attend. Love all your outfits too 🙂

    Via | https://glossnglitters.com

  14. This is so cool! ???? I love the editing…I think you’ve gotten better.
    Also, really inspiring seeing everyone’s looks.


  15. I really love seeing the street-style looks of different people. The Chokolate collection sounds lovely and the ladies look so stylish. I hope you are enjoying the start of the Advent season.
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  16. I really enjoyed watching the video! There were so many stylish individuals in it.
    My new style post: https://www.melodyjacob.com/2023/12/blue-rose-off-shoulder-dress.html

  17. Okay, you GOTTA tell me: what exactly is your job? You’re always out and about doing the coolest things. Second: do you need an assistant LOL 😀 Seriously, I love your fashion content!

    Krissi of the marquise diamond

  18. Das schaue ich mir doch gleich mal an. LG Romy

  19. Amazing and interesting video, thank you so much for sharing it. I love your Sunglasses, you look fantastic. <3

  20. I enjoyed watching the video very much. What an experience to be at Paris fashion week that close… I liked you talking to people explaining their looks as well. And your styles are also great!

    1. Oh, I have to go to USA to find “Maren von farbwunder”. How funny.

      Great video. Thanks a lot for sharring.

      BG Sunny

  21. Looks like you packed a LOT in – a lovely memento of your time in Paris 🙂

  22. Wow… visiting Paris and participating to a fashion week here would be a dream come true for me. Seeing those caffès, streets and glamorous outfits is so exiting for me and I see you are putting in practice very well everything you saw there.
    P.S: love the light blue wolf shirt and outfit is my favourite. The black heart necklace is trully fabulous!

  23. Ah, the magic of PFW Spring/Summer 2024 beautifully captured in this vlog! Each runway moment, a masterpiece, and your vlog brought the glamour and trends to life. Such a vibrant atmosphere too, felt like a front-row seat to the fashion extravaganza. Major kudos for the fantastic coverage!

  24. It looks like you had an amazing time, and I love seeing the street style looks! It was such a shame we couldn’t co-ordinate meeting up, but hopefully we will be able to for the next PFW.
    Julia x

  25. oh, I’m so jealous. I wish I can witness Paris Fashion Week too.


  26. Loved watching your vlog Allie. Your neon skirt and black graphic print top outfit was so cool! Of course, I loved all the runway fashion too. Looks like an amazing fashion week experience! That shimmery golden dress at the Westin show is my very favorite festive look. Happy holiday season ahead darling!

  27. So awesome, fun and so much inspiration


  28. Looks like you had a brilliant time.

  29. love your style!
    it was 30 years ago that i went to paris fashion week – as a design student. smuggling into the shows without a invitation and living on a tiny budget in this expensive city was our sport….. but we had sooo much fun and i even met karl and vivian and had a selfie with helena christensen….. 😀

    1. Wow, what a story, this sounds wonderful. What a great education you had. Thanks for sharing here! 🙂

  30. Hello!
    I didn’t watch the whole video, it’s really long, but from what I saw I really enjoyed seeing the images of Paris again. Thanks for sharing your Paris fashion week adventure with us, I’m jealous of you!!!


    1. LOL it IS long almost an hour and half good God I will be making feature films soon.

  31. Such a great recap here. I love being inspired by fashion in general. And cool collections, street wear and so on is the icing on the chic cake. https://www.bauchlefashion.com/2023/12/5-ways-to-wear-olive-oil-green-colour.html

  32. I loved the video, it seemed like a really cool and fun experience!
    Participating in Paris Fashion Week is chic for few!


  33. I admire how you always spot the most cutting-edge fashionistas ????????✨

    1. Those ????? were supposed to be a stylish dress emoji before the comment was published!

  34. Sorry to hear you were not feeling great but looks like you had lots of fun! x

    Lynn | https://www.lynnmumbingmejia.com/

  35. What a trip. I really enjoyed watching the video. The fashion world is not my scene so it’s good to live vicariously through you. Seen any big celebrities while you’re there?

    1. There were celebs around. In New York met Karen Brit Chick and saw Tamara Kalinic too.

  36. It looks incredible!

    The Reluctant Blogger | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

  37. Ahhhh Allie I love your fit in the thumbnail for the video!!! I miss Paris so much. I’m so glad you had a good time and got to spend time with your family x

    Mari | http://www.dazedmari.om

  38. Very stylish and beautiful!

  39. Iconic!!

    xoxo Vicky

  40. Cute 🙂

  41. Thanks for sharing so much great inspiration!
    have a great week,

  42. Thanks for the inspiration!

  43. Amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. glad you enjoyed it!

  44. Nice looks 😀 Great captures 😀

  45. Wow! Amazing 🙂 Thanks for the video! 🙂

  46. Fantastic video!
    Tanks for sharing
    Greetings from Maria

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