MAC Mineralize Concealer and a Journey of Trial and Error and New Discoveries

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oncealer is a tricky necessity. I am sure there are a lucky few that do not need concealer but for the rest of us girls we wouldn’t be caught dead without concealer in our makeup bags. Though the funny thing about concealer, is that although it may be “concealing” something we do not want to see, it can also be very noticeable in of itself.

Next Issue and old school subscriptions for those who love the art of publishing.

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remember when I was a kid how excited I was when I got to look at my mom’s magazines. They transported me to exciting places and allowed me to escape from the drudgery of my daily life. When I would whine to my mom “I’m bored” and felt that I would die from the crushing weight of having “nothing to do” magazines were a godsend.

Gucci Resort 2015 For Lookbook Friday

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he trend away from skinny jeans and body con looks brings us a wonderfully breathable way to look our fashion forward best. And the new Resort collection from Gucci for spring 2015 is quite the breath of fresh air. Sharp pastels, saturated reds and yellows, crisp navy, mossy green, traditional neautrals and bone make for a clean but vibrant color palette.

Porter Magazine, a Striped Tee and Banishing the Winter Blues

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ast week was a rough week, we are working a huge project at work and it seems everything that could go wrong did, so we are currently a week behind. And in NY we endured yet another snow storm—the snow is so high outside my house that it comes up to my waist in some spots. It was a balmy 22 degrees on Friday and I was astounded to find out this weekend is Daylight Savings,

Rizzoli, Oleg Cassini, and The Wedding Dress, the Next Addition to My Coffee Table Book Library

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ello all, I am sharing with you today another addition to my coffee table book collection, as my regular readers know, I am slowly building a library of coffee table books to use for my future home. I love buying these books—I get such a rush when I purchase one, l love feeling like a I found a treasure and I get so excited thinking about how I will style them in my space.

Charles & Ron — The Spring-Summer 2015 Collection for Lookbook Friday

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es it is post Fashion Week here in New York and all the attention has moved across the pond, but what a Fashion Week it was. One of things I love about Fashion Week besides you know, the obvious—oodles and oodles of fashion, is getting to discover up and coming designers. So in this weeks Lookbook Friday we will be looking at the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection from Charles & Ron

Kendall Jenner—the Model of the Moment, Fair and Square

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o other family in recent years has the capacity to generate such fervent anger and animosity as the Kardashians. Love them or hate them, they are had to miss. I must say it always astounds me when I hear people go off and yell slurs at them or call them trash. So, it is not OK or politically correct to call a poor family that lives in a trailer “trash”,

Michael DePaulo at the Carlton Hotel Fall 2015 for New York Fashion Week

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ashion Week was a cold one this year as we experienced the coldest February in twenty years. The last time I attended Fashion Week it was the hottest day of the year. Can a fashionista catch a break? Well this here fashioista braved the sub-zero temperatures and gale fore winds and headed to the Carlton Hotel to attend Michael DePaulo’s Fashion Week presentation

French Connection and a Seasonal Sale for “Confessions of a Bargainista”

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es, it could be said that sales are my downfall, or you could say that I just like a good bargain. In this installment of “Confessions of a Bargainista” I will be sharing with you some of the many purchases I made at French Connection the last few weeks. I mean how could one possible resist the giant black and white signs advertising this most tempting of vices?