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Link Love Express #7 The NYFW Edition

Yes that time of year is quickly approaching, no not back to school, but NYFW or for some Fashion Month. And did I mention I will be in Paris for Paris Fashion week? Well no, it is not like a brand is paying me 20k and flying me to Paris. A  complaint and misery experienced by an unnamed big time blogger and an anecdote shared by Rebeca Minkoff at her Back to School event last week. I mean, really? Really? Wow, said blogger should stop trying so hard. But yes I am going to Paris and yes it will the week of Paris Fashion Week. I hope to get to a show or two.  But here on this side of the pond NYFW is due to start next week so I rounded up a number of useful and entertaining links to celebrate this most fashionable of months. So without further adieu…

1) Style Tomes Guide To Getting Noticed at NYFW. Yes Nataliya breaks it all down and shares her tips. And being a former model, and a current occasional street fashion photographer she knows a thing or two on this subject.

2) Fashion Mews expands on this theme in her Five Tips to Own Your Street Style Pose. Plus you get to see some cool photography from Nataliya.

3) And as we all know many of the big shows are closed and only open to the buyers, editors, celebs and the most rarified of bloggers. But FashionWeekOnline has a calendar that you can filter to show you fashion shows and events that are open to the public. Cool right? And you can click on the event on the calendar to sign up, buy tickets or get more information. So if you are in NY, or are coming to NY for Fashion Week and can not get in to the big shows, or even the mid level shows this is a great resource.

4) And for fun and inspiration be sure to check out Vogue’s Street Style page on their website. So many great photos to peruse through. These photos just make me so happy I am a woman and fashion is a thing, right?

5) And finally for those that can not get to New York or Paris but you still want to be in the know of what is happening during Fashion Week here is Pop Sugar’s list of must follow IG fashion influencers. I am definitely going to be following a few of these fashion insider my self.

Image by Phil Oh via Vogue.com


  1. That’s so exciting that you will be in Paris during PFW. Hope you will get to some shows. I always feel like the street style in Paris is the best! I accepted a few NYFW invites but I’m not really getting into the spirit of fashion week yet.

  2. Whoever that blogger is, wow she really does think extremely highly about herself and it’s blogger like that who sheds a bad light to bloggers in general. 🙁

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. Oooh I do love the fashion weeks! Very jealous about PFW, can’t wait to see the posts! xx


  4. Oh, Paris sounds lovely!

  5. Its good to extend yourself to how far you want to be a part of and if others has opinion to each its own.

  6. Ali, I’m excited for you! That’s going to be so much fun. Paris alone is thrilling! Please do some posts on your experience. All fashion weeks are exciting to me. I love seeing what comes out from different parts of the world.

  7. Paris sounds wonderful, ignore the bad blogger- do not let her spoil a single moment more. Life is way too short.
    Enjoy, as always, I can wait to see what you come away with!
    xx, Elle

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