The Bar Cart — a Stylish Don Draper Staple to Dress Up Your Home

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remember as a kid when my grandmother watched her soap operas that it seemed everyone on the show owned a bar cart. They were always getting all riled up and storming over to the bar carts, quickly dashing in a jigger or two of booze and downing it, eyes blazing as they gripped the empty glass. And I remember thinking “we don’t have one of those” alas the bar cart trend did not carry over

A Zara Bag, a Pair of Aldo Booties and a Lovely Day at the Shore

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ast week I wrote about this lovely pink suede bag that I picked up at the Zara store in Soho. Well here it is in action, I love this bag for spring and summer. I can pair it with a pair of jeans and a cropped pleather jacket like I did here, or I could pair it with a dress and heels. This bag looks super luxe but is super affordable at $120. On this day my friend and I headed to a town

Zadig & Voltaire “Arty, Rock and Gipsy” for Lookbook Friday

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K, I just may have been living under a rock, but up until a few days ago I had not heard of the fashion brand Zadig and Voltaire. And get this—there is Zadig & Voltaire store a few towns away from where I live, in a mall! Um what? Seriously where have I been? Perhaps it is because Zadig & Voltaire are a french based company and originated in Europe,

Charles & Ron and the Mediterranean Fashion Prize, Kudos to a Great Team!

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love when hard work is rewarded, and when talent is recognized. And today it seems that fashion is celebrating a new era in which the idea of being “inclusive” and welcoming is the new way of doing business. OK, I may be a wee bit naive in this belief, but there are so many ways for new designers to make their mark and get noticed in this day and age, and supportive organizations that reward young, hard working, designers is certainly one of the best ways to get noticed as an up and coming designer.

A Dusty Pink Satchel From Zara and a Lovely Way to Say Hello to Summer

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hat is a girl to do when the seasons change? Why buy a new bag of course! And when I saw this pink suede satchel at Zara my heart skipped a beat. I assumed that it would be out of my price range but I was happy to discover it was only $119, not a bad price for genuine suede. The dusty blush color and texture of the suede makes this a stand out stunner for sure.

HD in Paris, a Quilted Yellow Skirt and a Sale at Anthropologie — My Best Deal of the Year

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hen was the last time you bought a skirt for $8.00? Can you remember? Well for me it was two weeks ago during a sale at Anthropologie. They were having a 20% off the lowest price sale and this skirt was marked down from $128 to $70.00 to $9.95. With the additional 20% off, that’s right, you heard it correctly, this skirt was a whopping $8.00. It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I receive so many compliments when I wear it, three people I work with stopped me to tell me they liked my skirt

Retouching, Do You Do it? Should You Do it? And When Does it Go to Far?

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ast week over my morning coffee on a leisurely day off from work I was watching CNN and they were speaking about the controversy around Jane Fonda’s W cover and the obvious retouching that had been done to the photo. The news anchor commented that Jane Fonda looked like she was 35 in the cover photo, well I do not think she looks like she is 35 in this photo, but she also does not look she is 77 either

Wild Fox— and The Feeling of Summer Lookbook 2015 for LBF

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es boys and girls we dangerously close to summer, I can already smell the salt air, the smoke from the barbecue pits and the “now I know it’s summer” scent of coconut oil. Those hazy lazy days of leisure, sun and sand. And when I am looking to pull on slouchy faded tee, a hippie inspired sundress or vintage patterned tank I look no further then WildFox.

The Laser Cut Skirt, the Sporty Chic Staple Must Have of the Season

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I have been lusting after a laser cut skirt for quite some time now and I recently scored quite the deal on one, so stayed tuned for a post on that—it is currently in the mail as I type this. But the sporty chic trend which can be dressed up or down is not just about sweat pants and cross trainers. And one item that any self respecting fashionista who wants to rock the sporty chic look without looking like she just came from the gym, is certainly the laser cut skirt.

Nina Ricci Spring 2015 for Lookbook Friday

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It is great being a woman, isn’t it? Often I wonder if men are secretly jelaous that women get to dress up in fabulous clothes. They say it is a man’s world and yes this may be true, but oh the joys of transforming and embracing one’s feminine side through fashion. There is nothing more breath taking then an impeccably dressed woman and for all intent and purposes, Peter Copping knows how to create clothes for just such a woman.

A Top Shop Shaggy Rock-n-Roll Sweater and a Vegan Fringe Bag

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have always been a bit of a rebel at heart. I was never quite a mainstream girl and I never tried out for the cheerleading team. And I am going to admit to a secret—The Royals is a guiltily pleasure of mine. And my favorite character of course is the princess. I Love her snarky, I can see through your bullshit attitude and her edgy to die for wardrobe. Plus she is gorgeous, I wouldn’t mind looking like her! So a few weeks ago when I attended an event