Girl in Miu Miu and Garance Dore

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In the last few weeks as my regular readers will know I have posted about my adventures during NYFW, and one of the highlights was getting to go backstage at a few of the shows. Who doesn’t love to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the doors of fashion? And it seems brands are well aware of the public’s love of behind the scenes sneak peaks and back stage access and the power of a good influencer.

Zara Lace-up Heeled Shoes an Oh So Gorgeous Must Have

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Yes it’s bad, I have a very bad habit of “popping in” to Zara to just “look around” and walking out with one of those brown or navy bags on my arm. And these beauties stopped me in my tracks. I just HAD to have them. They are a much less expensive version of the Guci lace up shoes minus the pom poms and the price tag. They retail for $69.99 and are surprising comfortable and easy to walk in. I

A Suitable Affair—The Pants Suit Trend How To Look Chic and Powerful

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The seventies trend is in full swing, with a fun boho chic aesthetic to quirky graphics, to wide legged trousers, to floppy hats, the look is every where. And one of the trends within in this trend—the pants suit is also having a moment. From the seventies era flared bottoms to straight cut suits, to peg legged cuts and printed pants suits, there’s a look to “suit” you. I love how blogger Samantha De Reviziis of the blog We Love Fur styled her orange Maz Mara suit.

Shame, Shame, Shame, Die You Skinny Bitch

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Recently Victoria Beckham came under fire for using models that were too thin or the fat word for thin—skinny. I clicked on the pictures and video expecting to see walking skeletons and well I didn’t. Some of the models were thinner then others with their upper arms as thin as their lower arms, which is what can make someone look very thin. Although that said there are a lot of people out there (guys too) who have builds like this, especially when they are young, but they are not sickly or starving.

Backstage at Chiara Boni SS 2016 with Aveda at NYFW

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Fashion Week was a blur of running from show to show and heading back stage at the Chiara Boni SS 2016 show was certainly a highlight of the week. I happily ran in to fellow blogger Sam, of Style of Sam who was decked out in a Chiara Boni original and looked gorgeous, and we were both besides ourselves with the breathtaking clothes surrounding us.

A French Connection Dress and a Pair of Black Suede Zara Booties a Transitional Look for this Transitional Time of Year

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Summer is quickly coming to a close, fall is right around the corner and we are entering a transitional phase weather wise. What to wear during this in-between time of the year is always a challenge. I recently went on another closet purge so I can get a clear head and figure out what I really need to round out my wardrobe—and to make room for more clothes. This French Connection dress was a keeper for sure.

In Honor of NYFW and Photographer Sandra Semburg

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One of my favorite things to do is surf the net for brilliant street style photography—be it in the moment photography, or an arranged street shoot, there is just something about seeing men and women on the street in their “everyday” clothes and the sense of presence and spontaneity found in this type of photography. And today I discovered another wonderful photographer who is an editorial photographer that also likes to shoot street style looks.

Daniel Silverstain Spring-Summer 2016 Runway Show & Presentation

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Yes Fashion Week is upon us here in New York. And, as is usually the case it is either the hottest day of the year or the coldest. Last time I attended Fashion Week in February it was eleven degrees with 30 mile an hour winds and a wind chill of minus ten. But as true hearted fashionista I braved the cold and headed out to see the shows. This week it is one of the hottest weeks of year with temps in the low nineties with seventy percent humidity. Yes I was sweating—very unfashionable of me.

Zara Suede Booties Just in Time for NYFW

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Yes it is finally here, the start of NYFW and I will be attending a number of shows. And to that end of course it was the perfect excuse to wear something new. So last week on my lunch break off I went to do a bit of shopping in Soho where the office I work in is conveniently located. As I picked up a new top the week before and I thought a new pair of shoes could do the trick. I stopped in to ALDO first and tried on a pair of flats—they were a studded two tone number which is a knock off of the famous Valentino shoes.