• Vogue Knitting Live—New York City 2015, Fun, Fiber, & Fashion in the heart …

    [dropcap custom_class=”normal”]L[/dropcap] ast Saturday I had the great pleasure of attending my first Vogue Knitting Live event. I started with the company in August and I have been looking forward to this event since my first day. Vogue Knitting live is a traveling three-day conference for knitters and crocheters, and takes place three times year.

    Fashion Blogger Photo Shoot in My Hood, Just One of the Perks …

    [dropcap custom_class=”normal”]I[/dropcap] love working in Soho and I must say one of the perks if living in New York, is that yes you are pretty much in the middle of it all. Yes I call Soho my hood even though I do not live there, I do work there and I spend a lot of time there. And you never know who you will see roaming the streets. A few months ago I saw one of my favorite street style photographers

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    Rent The Runway and How I Found a Clover Canyon Irish Box …

    [dropcap custom_class=”normal”][/dropcap] Rent The Runway is one of the hottest break out companies and success stories in the last few years. Launching roughly five years ago and offering their services online only, they now have brick and mortar stores in three major cities as well as styling services. And hold on to your hats ladies, but they are now offering a monthly service

    French Connection, an After Christmas Sale and a Lovely Faux Fur Sweater

    [dropcap custom_class=”normal”]C[/dropcap] hristmas is over, the holidays have come and gone and we all know that means…sales! Many retailers are having major sales and offering deep discounts. It was a cold brisk day on Friday, but sunny and bright. So what is a girl to do on such a day on her lunch break? Why shop of course! I picked up this sweater and it was quite the steal.

    Artifact Uprising and a Beautiful and Appealing Way to Display Your Photos

    [dropcap custom_class=”normal”] W[/dropcap] hen I was in design school the whole carrying around a large black portfolio case was more or less on it’s way out. No one was displaying their work this way anymore, and if you did, you were dating yourself. But this was pre the iPad days so portfolios were still presented non-digitally.

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    Nike, the Pantone Color of the Year and a Chic Pair of …

    [dropcap custom_class=”normal”]I[/dropcap] t is a new year and of course that means there is a new Pantone Color of the Year, and the color named for 2015 is quite the departure from previous years—it is a dark, rich toned hue, and is named after the well known wine that hails from the city of Marsala in the southern region of Italy.

    King Arthur Flour and Some Holiday Cookie Cutter Cookies For You

    [dropcap custom_class=”normal”]W[/dropcap] ell this year I continued in what just may become an annual Christmas Eve ritual and I made butter cookie cutter cookies. Last year was the first year I did this, I thought it would be complicated—like you had to be Martha Stewart or a professional baker to pull this off. But it was easier then I thought. I was encouraged after making homemade biscotti which was not difficult either.

    A Michael Kors Parker, a warm fuzzy hat, and a Day at …

    [dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Y[/dropcap] es winter is here and with it comes cold temperatures, gray days and parks that are closed. This park has a cute little dog park with in it and beautiful dog statue. My friend Laurie and I wanted to shoot around the statue but alas this section of the park was closed. It could have been that it was thanksgiving day weekend, or maybe it is just closed during the winter months, but we had to settle for shooting outside the dog park, oh well there is always summer. And as you can see I am most certainly not wearing a summer outfit. We are talking full on winter bundling here.

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    Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Collection Set, a Great Gift for Your Mom, …

    [dropcap custom_class=”normal”]L[/dropcap] ast week I shared with you a wonderful gift set from Estee Lauder that I purchased for my mom for Christmas. Well today I am sharing with you another wonderful gift, but this time it is from Kiehl’s and is for my sister. My sister recently went through a divorce and funds are tight, so I thought a gift that she could certainly use and WILL use, would be set of good face creams.

    NYC Museums, Last Summer and an Early New Year’s Resolution For 2015

    [dropcap custom_class=”normal”]T[/dropcap] his past summer I had a lot of visitors in town: I had my step family in town from Paris, friends came in to town from Seattle and I visited with some friends who also had friends in town, so of course we ended up doing a lot of touristy type things. We headed to the beach

    How Do You Find That Allusive, Perfect Stylist That Just “Get’s …

    [dropcap custom_class=”normal”]T [/dropcap] his past week I was feeling frumpy and and in need of a change so I decided to book a hair cut. Mistake. Yes, it happened again—I went in with high expectations and walked out annoyed, with bangs I could have cut myself. The only difference being, that if I cut them myself I would have ended up with results closer to what I had in mind.

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