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A Cold Rainy Day in May and a Pair of Adidas Super Stars for Only $40

I had been looking forward to a warm sunny spring day as the weather forecast had originally predicted, but nope it was gray, overcast and cold…

Last weekend ended with another rainy day at the end of a very rainy week. I was not feeling inspired, and was actually feeling out right grumpy. I had been looking forward to a warm sunny spring day as the weather forecast had originally predicted, but nope it was gray, overcast and cold; as you can see here in this anything but spring like ensemble. Yes that’s right I am wearing a winter coat, hat, sweater and jeans. The hat is from H&M and although I love the color it is not quite what I have been looking for, this is the second hat I bought that missed the mark. I am looking for hat that is more round like this one while the one I am wearing is more Indiana Jones. Oh well it didn’t break the bank. I paired it with this over-sized read too big sweater from the original Penguin line at Munsing Wear. My mom gave me this sweater as it did not fit her correctly. Luckily the non body con trend is still going strong so this sweater was spot on for a cranky no fuss kind of day. The jeans are from The Gap and were one of the first pair of higher rise jeans I have purchased in the last few months. I am purging my closet of all of my uber low rise jeans. How about you? Apparently everyone is doing it. I tried to fun things up with this cross body bag from GiGi New York, but the weather still left me grumpy. For the one bright spot in this look I tied on a pair Adidas Super Stars. Of course we all know about these super on trend kicks. And on that note for anyone looking for a pair of almost new Adidas give me a holler.


Loving this monogramed cross body bag from Gigi Handbags. This was gifted to me at the Pop Sugar Shop Style Social House event.



Almost new pair of Adidas Super Star‘s in size 6 for $40.00


Almost all the reviews I read online said that these sneakers run big, but they DON’T. All sneakers run on the small side—these run true to size. I made the mistake of buying a half-size down and they were too small and they hurt my feet. There was no breaking these in. I ordered a new pair in my actual size and now they fit great and are super comfortable. And when I attended the NYC Style Collective Event, I spoke with Josephina of Josephina Collection and she had the same exact problem! I think it is because so many women are used to “vanity” sizing, but sneakers are uni-sex so none of that. So if you go a size down like you are use to doing, they will be too small.

I think it is because so many women are used to “vanity” sizing, but sneakers are uni-sex so none of that

But at any rate, I have a brand new pair of Adidas that have only been worn four times. I have the box they came in and the receipt from the store in Soho where they were purchased. I am selling them for $40. They are a boy’s 4.5 which is a woman’s 6. So anyone who is interested feel free to contact me. If you live in NY we can meet up and if you live out of state I will pay for shipping.

You would never know when we shot these photos it was May. This was a day for hot cocoa, cupcakes and a movie, which is exactly how my friend Laurie and I spent our day. We again headed to one of my favorite towns Huntington where one of my favorite blogger’s Shy Biker lives. We went to the Cinema Arts Center and saw Sing Street. An Irish movie that takes place in 1980’s Dublin and is about a young “lad” who has to leave his more posh private school and attend the rough and tumble Christian Brother’s public school and his dreams of being a rock star. It is not an in depth expose of the era and life in Ireland in the eighties. But rather a funny, warm and fuzzy feel good flick. If you have a thing for the eighties and eighties music or remember the eighties (I am looking at you Shy Biker) this movie is a lot of fun. Well I hope my next outfit post will be inspired by sunny days and summer weather. Stay tuned…


  1. super cool look and great deal on those sneakers.


  2. Love your adidas as much as the bag you rock the look

  3. Love your hat, such a perfect detail to the rest of your outfit! Xx


  4. Love your gigi handbag, such a casual chic look 🙂

    Love LC


  5. love the gigi!! i have a wallet from there. one day i’ll get a bag like yours! addidas is always a win!

  6. Love your sneakers! So cute. I wish I could wear Adidas sneakers but every pair I have ever had has hurt my feet. It’s my feet, they are weird. Love your purse!

  7. Don’t you hate when the sizing isn’t true to what all the reviews say! It’s good you managed to get the right size. I wanted those same Adidas for awhile but I changed my mind and got a pair of silver Vejas instead. Those actually do run big. I sized down and still needed to add an insole to them.

  8. I had the same problem with adidas’s sizing! I had to buy a few pairs until I found my perfect fit lol. The weather has been super wacky lately. One day it’s 50, the next it’s 80. This is a cute look to keep warm in 🙂

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  9. great look! I think the hat looks perfect for this look!


  10. OMG Allie, I really wish I were a size 6!! I would totally take these off your hands. I’m a giant size 9 🙁 Boo! And these photos of you are absolutely stunning! I know we talked about not liking being in photos, but for someone who doesn’t like it, you sure make it look good. Slightly jealous of the Gigi bag color! I got that blue one and so wish they still had this pretty, soft pink left. It suits you very well. 🙂

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  11. Ugh! I want that pair of sneakers and for $40 it is such a steal! But I live in Canada and shipping would have cost a bloody bomb and it won’t be worth for you or me. And it’s in my size too. I want to cry.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  12. Great look, I am not quite ready to purge my closet of my low rise days but I have been adding high rise jeans to my arsenal and avoiding any more low rise purchases.
    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’ ll Join the Secret Guide

  13. I love the sneakers with this look, lady! Too cool. 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. You are right, this could be in September or even last December. Nutso weather! Love the oufit, very cool and classic.
    One day last weekend, it was a warm and sunny morning, then cold and rainy, and then warm and sunny again, all in one day. Good to have so many layers!
    Great buy on the sneakers!
    xx, Elle

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