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Studio Apartment Love, Perfect Therapy For Your Aparment







Tiny spaces and studio apartments do not have to mean clutter and chaos. And  if you think a long narrow studio with popcorn ceilings and parquet floors can’t work—guess again. This studio apartment which was recently featured on Apartment Therapy is the apartment of fellow blogger Jackie Clair of York Avenue. Jackie was the blogger I ran in to at the Garance Dore Open Studio pop up shop I wrote about last week. She has a wonderful knack for interior design and when the time comes for me to buy my condo I am going to hit her up for some advice for sure. I just love her attention to detail and how it all comes together to create an inviting and stylish space. Jackie actually works as a surgical nurse, but with the wonderful job she did with the interior of this small generic space she may have missed her calling. Quite the talented young women. And note the painting above the dresser—a Made By Girl original, does’t it look perfect there? And look how Jackie used those cube style shelves I wrote about in this post. What a creative way to add a “room” to an open space. Love it!

To meet the blogger herself and to read a Q&A with her and to see more inspiring pictures from her home, and for COMPLETE DETAILS on the items she has in her home please head on over to Apartment Therapy.


  1. I must pin these pics, this is so my style.

  2. This is the best looking apartment studio I ever seen she sure have an eye for décor. Great picture.


  3. Such a perfect apartment! I love how much light is there and all the bright pops of colors here and there




  4. What a beautiful space! I want to spruce up our apartment – I am gonna start with a gallery wall…

  5. This apartment is amazing, love what she did with her space!


  6. She has a really nice space. I love the books and mirrors.

  7. Such a great mix of old and new! Love the vanity table! x

  8. I absolutely love Jackie’s apartment- I saw it first when it was on The Everygirl. Oh how I wish I had studio of my own to decorate!

  9. Great space! I see many of Jen’s things on her wall 🙂 She definitely has good taste.

  10. She makes awesome use of her space and it’s really cool how the decor is full of personality!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. this apartment is amazing, i am in love with it. it makes me wish we still lived in our studio apartment!

  12. beautiful space! i wish i knew more about finding the right furniture and decorating when i used to live in such a small space. i really believe one can make any type of space work!

  13. I think I might just stare at these photos for the rest of the day, …or week. I’m obsessed with that sequin print! Thanks for the links, definitely going to check them out!

  14. Oh wow! This totally proves small apartments could be amazing spaces. I love how the cubed shelving acts as a divider, and all of the artwork is just perfect! Lovely 🙂

  15. This is a great space! Love the gallery wall and the bookshelf that divides the room.

  16. Very impressive apartment. It is so organized and pulled together!


  17. love her place!!

  18. Thanks so much for featuring my apartment Allie! I appreciate it. Loved seeing you at the Garance Dore event 🙂

  19. I love this space! Perfect!


  20. These pictures are so inspiring! I absolutely love how the space was used, and all the decoration is perfect.


  21. What a lovely apartment!

  22. Amazing what creativity can do to a small space… Love it!!!

  23. I’m in love!! I’m always dreaming about cute interior design ideas.
    xoxo Aimee
    ps. Bows&Beau-ties 1st Birthday Giveaway going on right now!

  24. I love the vintage furniture with the pinks! 🙂

  25. So fascinating! I love the white furniture pieces. I thought I recognized the artwork from MadeByGirl, too!

  26. This is so inspiring- even with a small space she makes it look inviting and just plain beautiful. Love it!

  27. i love how there are so many little “stations” here. and that long entryway is fantastic!

  28. What a fantastic studio – it’s amazing what you can do with a small space and oodles of talent!

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