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Lyndsay A Day In The Life


Have any of you been watching “Lyndsay” on the OWN Network? The program is more of a documentary then reality TV show and is much darker then its’s fellow contemporaries like “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” It follows Lyndsay as she moves to New York to reinvent herself and start a new and sober life. Many people think that being a celebrity is all about expensive clothes, oodles of money, jet-setting across the globe and dinning at incredibly expensive restaurants. And for some they do experience just that, but at what price? When watching “Lyndsay” I could not help but be struck by how little control she has over her life. And it seems she is never alone. When one reaches that level of fame, can they really be themselves? Would it even be safe? I do not think I could handle living life like that. I personally like my anonymity and think I would make one lousy celebrity. What do you think? Would you want to be a celebrity? In the case of Lyndsay she really didn’t choose it per say as she started so young. And wether you love her, or you hate her. If you are rooting for her, or waiting for her to fail, I do not think you can really envy her. She does seem to be serious about getting her life on track, but with so little control and constantly living in a fish bowl, how does one do this exactly? It is interesting this concept of  “the celebrity”— a modern day phenomenon that both fascinates and repels.

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  1. Wow my god,i love her so so so so so much,you have no idea.Even though she is a Hollywood bad girl but celebrity needs some dark sides.I also enjoy her voice which i think is so unique and funky.I will 100% check out the show,Thank you my dear so much for sharing this post.Again i love her so so so so so much !!!

    Royal Wang,stay in touch and wish you all the best


  2. I always joke that I want to make money like a celebrity without the fame. I do not want the whole world knowing my business. I saw her interview with Oprah but I need to check out her show.

  3. I will not want to be a celebrity due to the fact I like my privacy and I will not want anyone running things for me. I have an office assistant and she knows I have to see everything before she does it.

  4. i would definitely make one lousy celebrity. the whole privacy thing and at one point all those criticisms and opinions people have about you would totally weigh down on me!

  5. Yes, the concept of celebrity is truly a weird one. I have seen some episodes of her show, and honestly, I want her to win. I need Lindsay to start making good movies again because I really think she’s talented when sober.

  6. I find those type of shows so interesting! I’ve got to watch this. I hope I can catch some repeat episodes. Thanks for sharing Allie. So cool.

  7. Haven’t seen this one. I’ll definitely check it out. Not a big Lindsey fan but I loved her as a kid, so I do wish she makes it. Everyone deserves a happy life!

  8. I haven’t seen this show. I was a huge fan of Lindsay when I was young. I hope she can manage to turn her life around and recover.

    I would make a lousy celebrity too. I love my alone time.

  9. I’d be really interested to watch this. I have always wanted to know more other than just the perspective we get from the media. I also like how you say it’s “darker” than the kardashians. I did not like that show at all.

  10. Lovethis post dear ;-))) Enjoy your writings!

  11. i had no idea she was always surrounded with people. is it her choice i wonder, or so she won’t feel alone? i hope she gets sober. i really want to watch the series.

  12. Interesting, i did love Lyndsay in the early years, not now, but i will definitely check this. thanks

  13. I’ve never seen her! I’ll have to check it out so I can judge. 🙂

  14. I watched the first episode and I was also struck by the darker side of celebrity. I am absolutely rooting for her, I hate to see someone so talented struggle so much. Everyone deserves another fresh start and a chance xo

  15. Haven’t seen this, but read a lot about it. Does seem like such a struggle for someone to be able to do, especially when they’re never alone and are easy prey for people who don’t have the best intentions! Kinda sad really.

    Hmm maybe…

  16. I haven’t seen the show, but it sounds like it raises a lot of interesting questions.

  17. Ha i actually watch the show and it’s crazy just how out of touch with reality she is. She’s a hot mess. I think the problem is that no one ever tells her no.

    Great meeting you last Friday btw!

    xx Hélène

  18. Hmmm it’s a tough subject. I haven’t seen this and really don’t plan on it hahaha! I don’t feel much sympathy though I do feel sorry for some ‘celebs’. I know a million people who would have killed to have what she has. The opportunities that fall on her lap because of a name. I know people who work tirelessly hoping to get into that industry and it annoys me when ‘celebs’ complain. I know they’re human but that said the ones who are constantly in the limelight have put themselves in that situation. There are more than a handful of celebrities and actors out there doing the same thing yet are able to maintain privacy. Unlike her and you’ve got to sit back and see that there is a reason for that. And a big part is the people you surround yourself in. She’s got a bad wrap because she’s done it to herself and blaming others is not a way forward. She has had years to rebuild and many chances. Like this one now and with Oprah of all people. I hope she doesn’t f*** this up too.


  19. I haven’t seen it yet, but I did watch a bunch of their clips on the OWN website! Oh man, if I saw the real episodes, I know I’ll be hooked..it’s like a car wreck, you just can’t look away…so I think I’ll stay away on purpose 😛 Happy Monday, Aly!!

  20. I have not watched the show, and I wish her the best. It would be hard to always be surrounded like she must be, but she had to okay a film crew following her around, right? Personally, I think it would be easier to get your life on track out of the public eye, not by purposely inserting yourself in it. She’s definitely business savvy.

  21. I don’t know this show, I appreciate the message you are giving though.
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