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6 Shore Road A Beachy Chic Event at Saks in NYC












Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of being invited to a Swim Week event at Saks Fifth Avenue for the swim wear line 6 Shore Road. 6 Shore Road is a women’s swim wear and apparel line known for making subtly edgy, boho-inspired garments. Founded by Pooja Kharbanda this up and coming bohemian line is becoming a favorite among celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, Kristin Cavallari and Ashley Simpson. Wonderful kaleidoscope floral themed prints, retro cut silhouettes and cut out details give this seasons collection a fresh chic appeal. It is no wonder it is creating a buzz in young Hollywood. Though with relatively affordable prices you do not have to be a celebrity to step out on the beach wearing one of these suits. Seeing the garments in person I can attest to the professional craftsmanship and sumptuous fabrics. I have my eye on the purple and lavender one piece with the side cut details. Seriously, who would not feel like a million bucks wearing this? And at $138 it is a splurge that is certainly affordable. I am so glad I attended this event, I headed over  to the event with fellow blogger Lola of Around The Girl in 80 Ways and we enjoyed sipping champagne, listing to the latest vibes by the onsite DJ, and previewing this fun and eclectic line. There was even a henna tattoo artist in attendance giving attendees complimentary tattoos. The line was so long for this I did not end up getting one done, but come this summer you just may see me frolicking on the beaches of Fire Island in my 6 Shore Road suit!

6 Shore Road bathing suits are available via their website as well as retailers such as Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Saks Fifth Avenue and Prism Boutique


  1. Oh these look super cute!! And fun that you met a fellow blogger, it looks like a fun event, can I go to the beach right now?!
    Simona/OFF DUTY

  2. The floral one piece is too cute, I love bathing suits.

  3. Awesome place to be rocking and shopping love it.

  4. Beautiful collection and I really like those tattoos… Always wanted to have one, just for a few days. 🙂

  5. Those bathing suits are absolutely fabulous! So pretty. Loved the hand tattoos.

  6. So honor to read your new post and glad to know this brand which is so delightful.and oh i finally see the real you which is rarely,your style is truly prefessional-editor

    Royal Wang here wish you all the luck

    keep in touch


  7. beautiful colors and prints!

  8. looks like a super fun event!! Cannot wait for the warmer weather..this winter was so tough.

    Best, Mree

  9. Okay, these suits are SO my style! I love a good mix of edgy and boho. Sounds like a fun event, made even cooler by having a henna artist there! Thanks so much for sharing. Def going to check out more of these bathing suits 🙂

  10. What a fun and fantastic line! Now if only swimwear weather would arrive!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. this event looks like so much fun! the suit with the cut-outs is absolutely adorable. i agree — $138 is an affordable splurge, especially if you plan on spending tons of time at the beach this summer.


  12. The event looked like it was a lot of fun! 🙂

  13. Great styles – I love all the fun and colorful prints! So perfect for spring

  14. What a great turnout! I need to check this out since we are planning a trip to Vegas in July and I need some swimwear pronto! On another note, did you change your blog layout? I like it!

  15. LOVE 6 Shore Road – all those prints look amazing! Looks like a great event! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  16. oh my gosh… i love them bikinis!

  17. very cool swimwear!
    Have a great day!

  18. These bath suits are so cool!
    Love the tattoos, too 🙂

    A fashion & DIY blog…

  19. The event looks like it was a lot of fun and the swimsuits look incredible.

  20. Such a cool event! Gets me in that summer mood! 🙂


  21. Cool line; I like the cutout detail on the last bikini. What a fun event!

  22. What I nice event! Nice collection!

  23. Amazing event!
    Hey dear do you wanna follow each other?ù


  24. Aaaahh this is just making me want to go on vacation already!

    xx Hélène

  25. Looks like a fun event, and the henna tattoos look amazing!

  26. Oh wow…..love the bohemian inspired pieces! Such a fresh take on swimsuits! I would love to rock one of these this summer!

  27. The prints & all the colors has me excited for those summer days at the beach! What a great opportunity!

  28. Oooh I miss shopping at Saks. I miss shopping in the US period! Love the Henna hand art


  29. Looks like a fun event. I’ll have to check out their line!


  30. That looks so cool! What a fun event! I so want one. haha 🙂
    xoxo Aimee
    ps. Bows&Beau-ties’ 1st Birthday Giveaway Going on Right Now!

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