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An “Influencer”, Privilege & Self-Entitled Rage.

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I do not often speak about politics on the blog or my social media channels. Occasionally I post my sentiments on social movements like BLM and #metoo. But for the most part my blog and my YouTube channel are a forum where I create content that inspires and topics that I am passionate about such as fashion, beauty and photography. But sometimes one is pushed to the limit of keeping silent. So I am sharing with you an experience of sorts that motivated me to speak out. Granted this is not an earth shattering event, but eye opening to be sure.

NYFW SS2022 Vlog

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Well I am finally posting my NYFW vlog. This season was not as busy for me as seasons in the past but it was certainly busier then the last two seasons. Things are slowly getting back to normal. It was great to see so many people out and dressed up for the occasion. I met a lot of great people and I am sharing a lot of their looks with you this season. It is so fun speaking with people about their looks, who knows this could be the start of something new for me…

Negris Lebrum SS 2022 For NYFW

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Tucked away on vibrant West Eight street, the Spring Summer 2022 show for Negris Lebrum was held at Atrium In the West Village on the evening of September eleventh. This much buzzed about show was well attended with strict measures including masks being given out at the door and a thorough check in procedure. Champagne was served lending a celebratory air to the event and helped to relax attendees as they waited for the show to begin.

Phillip Lim NYFW SS2022

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Day two of NYFW arrived gray and rainy, but that didn’t slow things down as this season’s Fashion Week went back to semi-normal with in person shows and presentations. Although many shows were held with limited capacity and presentations were staggered, this Fashion Week was certainly livelier than it has have been the last two seasons.

ALLIE NYC Featured On New York Magazine’s The Cut Street Style

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This NYFW season I was featured on New York Magazine’s The Cut in their coverage on SS2021 street style. I am wearing head to toe NeuBryne. I love this jacket was super flattered that I was stopped for this photo. The bag is from local New York designer Liselle Kiss. The sunnies are from Anthropologie, the jewelry was my mom’s and the sneakers I picked up at Cross Roads. This season was not as busy for me as in the past but it was certainly busier then the last two seasons.

July Haul, What I Got This Month Bits & Bobs

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Today I am sharing with you what I picked up in the Month of July. I am super busy with work, and keeping up my blog, YouTube channel as well as other projects in addition to getting ready for FW and hitting the beach I feel like I have next to no down time. Anyhoo I hope you enjoy my haul and happy summer everyone.