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Minimalist Makeup Like a French Girl

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Hands up, who likes to watch those jaw dropping transformational makeup tutorials? One can’t deny that they can be quite eye popping and fun to watch, but as fun as they are, these types of super dramatic makeup applications are not going to be your go-to for heading to work or running errands. Truth be told they may even be bit much for drinks with the girls.

Why I’m M.I.A & A New Start For 2022

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We all know the last two years have been rough. And I am sure we are glad that 2021 is over. In addition to world events I lost my mom in 2020, nothing can really prepare you for that. It is a slow climb out of mourning but there is light at the end of tunnel. Life can be difficult we all know that, but it is true that time heals all wounds, or least lessens them.

50 Shades of Gorgeous For

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Today I am sharing with you an editorial I did for is an online community resource platform for influencers and lovers of fashion. It features a Network of fashion obsessed influencers and writers that brings to its readers all the latest news and events happening in the fashion industry. I have covered fashion week both in New York and Paris for Hauturely in the past, but this is my first editorial. I produced the shoot along with the founder Chloe Recine, and I was both the creative director and the fashion director. I sourced the talent, cast the model, and was responsible for the concept, art direction, layout design, photo retouching, writing and editing, and I styled about half the looks, including this last one. I worked with a GREAT team and a phenomenal photographer. Pierre is fast, we shot nine looks in five hours—quite the feat I must say.

An “Influencer”, Privilege & Self-Entitled Rage.

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I do not often speak about politics on the blog or my social media channels. Occasionally I post my sentiments on social movements like BLM and #metoo. But for the most part my blog and my YouTube channel are a forum where I create content that inspires and topics that I am passionate about such as fashion, beauty and photography. But sometimes one is pushed to the limit of keeping silent. So I am sharing with you an experience of sorts that motivated me to speak out. Granted this is not an earth shattering event, but eye opening to be sure.

NYFW SS2022 Vlog

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Well I am finally posting my NYFW vlog. This season was not as busy for me as seasons in the past but it was certainly busier then the last two seasons. Things are slowly getting back to normal. It was great to see so many people out and dressed up for the occasion. I met a lot of great people and I am sharing a lot of their looks with you this season. It is so fun speaking with people about their looks, who knows this could be the start of something new for me…