The Yellow Bag Trend—Add a Little Joy To Your Life

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It seems like fashion has come to a stand still in 2020. With everyone being locked down, staying indoors and working from home the usual trends churn did not happen quite so readily. But there are still quite a few trends coming to the forefront—not including of course the ongoing loungewear trend. With many of us feeling that maybe, just maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Inspired by Ali Andreea

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Hi everyone in todays post I am going to share how to make your eyes look bigger. I was inspired by Ali Andreea. She has a great channel on YouTube and does a lot wearable looks. She and Amy Serrano are two of my favorite makeup focused influencers, they do looks that are wearable and natural or more editorial. Personally I do not do super over done looksI don’t contour or do cut creases or things like sunset eyes. I don’t wear false lashes and I like to play up one feature as opposed to going all in with a full makeup look.

The High-End Designer Price Increase & The Haul Video Backlash

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I am sure we will all agree 2020 was a year we would all like to forget. A challenging, divisive and heart wrenching twelve months of death, civil unrest and economic devastation. Well, at least for some… I am assuming that none of us have been living under a rock, the news reports daily on the on going pandemic and the economic hardship that resulted from this unprecedented world wide crisis.

Vlogmas 2020 A Different Kind of Holiday

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Well here it is my annual all-in-one vlogmas video. My regular viewers know I do not do a daily vlogmas. This year was even harder with the loss of my mom, and of course COVID. I did try however to keep my spirits up and the Christmas traditions alive, things I know my mother liked. I got to a light show and did a bit of window shopping. I hope you enjoy and let’s hope that 2021 will be better year for us all.