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Link Love Express #6 The Social Media Edition

As my regular readers know Link Love Express is an ongoing post series in which I share links to interesting and relevant happenings in cyberspace and the world or a least the fashion/blogger world at large. Today I am focusing on social media and the ever changing realm of blogging.

I have been blogging for about three years now, and I am certainly not one of the pioneers and I still consider myself a bit of a newbie but even in the three years that I have been blogging so much has changed. From the continued advancement of social media, to the closing of Lucky Magazine (one of the few magazines to wholly embrace the blogging community) to how bloggers communicate with one another ( is it just me or does it feel like no one comments back anymore?) to some bloggers reaching ever more dizzying heights of success to there being more bloggers then ever before. It seems the world of blogging is getting more complicated.

is it just me or does it feel like no one comments back anymore?

I touched on this topic a few weeks ago when I wrote about how there has been chatter in the blogosphere on how Instgram could replace blogs and blogging. I had done bit of research in trying to discover how the avenge Instagram user (you know, not like Kardashian famous) could have followers in the hundreds of thousands, well apparently I was not the only one to come to similar conclusions. So I now share with you the first link

1) The Balanced Blonde is a health and fitness blogger who has found a fair amount of success herself. And in this post she writes about her findings (and her thoughts) on bloggers who buy/ pay for followers. It is an interesting read.

2) Now for those of you who are interested in growing your following without buying followers there is always the LIKEtoKNOWit app. LIKEtoKNOWit will repost and share their influencers posts, which then  leads to more traffic for the influencer. But of course there is a caveat (there always is), LIKEtoKNOWit is owned by Reward Style and you have to be accepted by Reward Style to participate, and apparently they are very selective and secretive of who they choose. But it can’t hurt to apply, right? I remember when the company was first founded, and I even met the founders at one of the Lucky Magazine’s Fabb bloggers conference. Back then as long as you had a blog and it covered fashion you were in. Yep a lot has changed in three years.

3) And speaking of the ever changing world of blogging. Be sure to watch this video with James of Fohr Card in the Drinks With James series in which he speaks with blogger behind Damsel in Dior. It is an interesting discussion and Jacey brings up an important point in regards to social media and blogging: she rightly accesses and reminds us that the social media channels and the companies that own them, own your content. Your content is not your content—it belongs to Instagram or Facebook or what ever social media channel in which you are posting. But a long as you pay your hosting bill, you own the content on your blog.

4) I have to say I kind of feel bad for anyone trying to start a blog now. And even for those of us that came to the table a bit sooner, it seems it is getting harder and harder or at least more complicated to make an impact. But if you need help and are still inspired to make it in blogging be sure to check out StyleTomes. Style Tomes was founded by Nataliya, one of the founders of the NYC Style Collective and she has shifted the focus of her blog a bit and you will find a lot of useful information on how to grow your blog.

5) And finally just for fun, you must check out the Instagram feed of Lionel Richie’s other daughter…Sofia Richie, really it is lot of fun, and super fashionable so be sure to check it out.

Image taken by Laura Peters–you can visit her Etsy shop at Indigo Bird Studios. Photo manipulation by yours truly.


  1. Its so true about no one want to comment on blogs no more…. I see so many bloggers with extreme high numbers of followers on their IG account low amount of likes and comments on their image they lucky to get 2or3 comments and it does not add up to me now I know people could buy followers. I do not think I will go to that extreme in purchasing followers I have better things to do with my money as per my blog I will continue because even though the comment its decreasing my views are extremely high so I know their are readers which may or may not be bloggers.

  2. Sofia’s feed is nice, she’s very pretty.


  3. Nataliya writes so many great and insightful posts about blogging, always love the tips one gets! Have to check the video on blogging, thank you for sharing! Xx


  4. The landscape of blogging has definitely changed so much in recent years. I still remember the conversation we had on whether Instagram might overtake blogging eventually and I still think an argument can be made either way. It’s just sad that people don’t seem to care to read anymore. The post from Balanced Blonde was very enlightening. I’ve been quite convinced that a number of the so called bigger bloggers have been using this practice for a while and I think this all but confirms it.

    I think you had asked where to watch Korean dramas – Dramafever and Viki.com are two sites that I use.

  5. This sis an interesting and relevant post! Especially for me a a relative newbie and one not well versed in social media, ( i use it sparingly and not with much zest) . I have seen the liketoknowit, app, but my outfits are not often shoppable, I have found traffic a bit down this month, but I think many bloggers are taking it a bit easy maybe, August and all..
    Also, I am having trouble loading your site, it be my browser….
    It will only load from your link and not when i enter your full URL .
    I will double check that, techie, I am not..
    Loved this post!
    xx, Elle

  6. Really interesting read, thank you for sharing! You have a lovely blog and you seem so nice, let me know if you want to follow each other and keep in contact, I love making new blog friends! x


  7. Great read, and interesting links. Thanks for sharing!!

    Adi xx

  8. Love reading your thoughts on this! I feel that blogging is getting harder or at least it’s changing a lot. It makes me sad that many people don’t comment on blogs anymore. I still think blogs are a great place for discussion and for building community.

  9. Love finding new creatives! Thanks for the links!
    Thank you for the blog visit babe, hope to see you back to check out my TOP PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  10. The fact that there are blogs on how to be a success blog says something. I truly miss the old blogging days. I miss when people did it all themselves. Now everything is professional. Not a bad thing, just wish it didn’t have to be so polished and perfect.

  11. Wow, how crazy. Very good piece to read. I always wondered how some bloggers have 30K 50K followers so quickly. Blogging has changed and I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers who used to read and comment on posts never do these days. It seems to be all about their Snapchat, and Instagram posts. I still have not switched to Snapchat, or Periscope, haha. There’s just way too many platforms to keep up with. I still enjoy commenting and reading blogs, but I have had to delete some blogs and have added new bloggers to follow.

  12. I loved to read about blogs and so on these days. Yes, you are right, the blogosphere has changed so much. But one thing I know, I always comment back and even if a blogger doesn’t comment on my blog after I comment on hers, it doesn’t mean I won’t visit her blog anymore. I am about what I like, what makes me grow and not numbers. But I know some very competitive bloggers who would only comment if they have comments on their blogs. I am not on Instagram, but I am sure that Sofia Richie is fun 🙂 Ah, and Reward Style – I applied, never got an answer. Now I see, I guess – or I am sure now – I wasn’t accepted!

  13. Such an interesting and true post! Blogging is becoming so commonplace it’s hard to stand out. And commenting doesn’t matter so much as pageviews or followers anymore. It takes all the personal contact and connection out of blogging.

  14. Interesting indeed – it’s a really rough blogging world out there – it’s definitely not as easy. having said that, a lot of pioneering bloggers have now stopped blogging – have you noticed? 🙂


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