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#BloggersonDuty Fashion Over Reason









This is the second installment of #BloggersonDuty. An ongoing post series where I will profile up and coming bloggers in the wonderful blogospher of fashion, beauty, life style and more.

Helene originally from Canada now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and her dog Wally. A fashion lover at heart Helene has a BA in fashion merchandising. And it is her love of fashion that prompted her to start her blog Fashion Over Reason while still in college. After graduating Helene interned at Marie Claire in New York City, Paris Select Magazine in Paris and Zink in Montreal. After this she worked worked as an editor at ModeMontreal.TV the official website of the City of Montreal’s Fashion Bureau. And she also worked as a freelance stylist’s assistant for such notable clients including Marie Claire, Marie Claire Australia, A Magazine, Vanity Fair, Saks & Bloomingdale’s.  And she also spent some time at xojane.com . Quite the varied career, but with one thing in common—her love of fashion.

Combining her background in fashion and her savvy with social media and online influencing i.e. blogging, she now works for the internet strategist company Dash Hudson. Last week I met with Helene at her home in Williamsburg for a chat, some lunch and of course a shoot.

Blog: Fashion Over Reason
Occupation: I run social, content and PR at an Instagram marketing company.
How old is your blog: I started it in 2007.
Why did you start your blog: I was looking for a hobby and was studying fashion in school, so it felt like the perfect creative outlet at the time. I also thought it would bode well for me when it came time to starting my career.
What article of clothing could you not live without: Jeans and my leather jacket.
If you didn’t live in NY what city would you live in: Anywhere warm! I really love southern California, so probably Los Angeles.
What do you think has changed the most with blogging in the past few years:  I think that the landscape has completely pivoted. While blogging used to be about inspiration, connecting and community, it’s now a popularity contest, I think largely due to Instagram becoming so prominent. It has without a doubt changed the blogging game… All in all, I think it’s really awesome to see some fantastic ladies out there who are transforming their hobbies into bonafide businesses.


  1. Lovely interview, she seems like such an amazing person! Love the photos also!

  2. love the grey and pink combo, she looks so cool.


  3. I love her style, she seems so lovely, hope you are having a good wednesday 🙂 xx

  4. Great interview. Love her outfit!

  5. Fab interview! It’s incredible that she started blogging in 2007! I have to agree with Helene about Instagram being a huge reason for the changing landscape of blogging.

  6. I liked Helene’s look, the pants are really great and the booties, wow! I liked her sunnies too, and I know some Canadian bloggers, they are all so nice! I like to wear jeans too, like she said, a piece she wouldn’t live without! Hope you are having a nice week!

  7. I really enjoyed this, Wally is a great name for a dog too haha. These pictures are beautiful and I love the street art on the wall 🙂

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  8. I love this series and putting the spotlight on different bloggers. I’ve discovered a new blog to follow now, yay! xx


  9. Love the pink culottes! Thought it was a skirt at first, haha!

    Hope you’re having an awesome week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. Great interview and style shoot! She has great style and i was interested in her comment about the changing blog world, being like a popularity contest. Still, I know and admire many bloggers who blog for he love of it, and not for the “likes”.
    Oh, and I loved her boots. Thanks for the intro to her site!
    xx, Elle

  11. So gorgeous.. I am obsessed with your glasses! I am so happy I found your blog, keep up the amazing work! x


  12. Lovely feature. I agree, the blogging game has definitely changed. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and it has shifted so drastically each year. Love her comfy looking outfit, very stylish but casual. 🙂

  13. This is such a great series! Love her style 🙂

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