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Cocoa & Hearts and a new line of Children’s Tees to Brighten Your Day




Last week was rough, very rough. I think we are all in a daze. I know I am personally exhausted. So much so I think it may even effect my blogging. I guess time will tell. But at times like these being a fashion blogger seems so frivolous. But on the other hand you have to celebrate beauty, creativity and joy and not give in to the darkness and the anger. So today let’s do just that. And what could be more joyful then looking at cute and creative clothes for kids, right? Whose with me? It is always such a joy when I can share a story of success of a fellow blogger and creative. So I could not be more excited to share Jen Ramos’s latest endeavor Cocoa & Hearts. I have been following Jen and her blog MadebyGirl for a number of years now, and I watched as she evolved and her blog grew. And one of the perks of blogging is how it can open the door to new career paths and personal success.

And in the case of Jen she combined her success in blogging and her creative talents and being a new mom in to a realized dream of owning her own creative business. Jen already had quite a bit of success with her paintings and prints and now she is turning that same creative talent in to a line of graphic tees for children and toddlers. With her simple line drawings and eye for fashion Jen has created a fun, quirky and fashion forward line for your little tikes. So if your a mom and take pride in making sure your child looks his or her fashionable best be sure to check out CocoandHearts. And I hope even if you don’t have kids that this put a much needed smile on your face.


  1. Rough is about right! I don’t even want to think about how we’re going to get through the next 4 years and how far back the country will have regressed by then. I do agree that we need to keep celebrating what’s good though to keep ourselves going. This line looks super adorable! I can’t go over the cuteness of both the kid and the tee in the last pic 🙂

  2. Oh these shirts are darling. Thank you for sharing. Sending you some hugs, I know how difficult last week was. I wish I had something better to say but I don’t. We just have to stay strong and never give up.

  3. Love the line and and am sure I will love her blog.
    Yes, this will put a much needed smile on my face!
    Yes, shock and awe, and sleepless over here.
    xx, Elle

  4. This kid’s line is too cute!


  5. I absolutely adore the tee on the last little kiddo, so dang adorable and my boy would look good in it!

    ps: It’s one of the most bitter election campaigns that I have ever seen and I can’t even imagine how tense things are in the US now. As you said, time will tell and for now I can only hope for the best. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. Cue tees on adorable models! Love it 🙂

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  8. I love this!! So cute!

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