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A Simple Black and White Look for Brunch in Soho






Last weekend I once again headed to Soho to meet fellow blogger Josephina of Josephina Collection for brunch and some shopping in Soho. I had a long week and was greatly looking forward to spending some time with someone who loves fashion as much as I do. We headed to the Mercer Kitchen for lunch and I had the Avocado Toast while Josephina had the Eggs Benedict, and after I caught a glimpse of what she ordered I almost changed my order. The Avocado Toast was not the most robust dish on the menu I must say. And the service was surprisingly slow. But the location and space itself was great. Plus we sat next two other fashion enthusiasts and had a bit of chat. One of them started a yoga business Mesh Yoga and the other started a site called Radiche. An online destination to learn about up and coming movers and shakers in tech, fashion, media and the like. That is what I love about New York and Soho, how everyone seems to be energized with a love of fashion, good food, and the better things in life.

As it was going to be a low key day with a lot walking I chose to wear something simple and made sure I was wearing comfortable shoes like my go to Adidas kicks. I recently picked up this Vince Camuto bag at Macy’s and as usual I got quite the deal on it. It was %50 off and then I got an additional %20 off for using my Macy’s card. It originally retailed for $250 but I ended up paying $108. It is perfect for summer and I am loving it. Both the pants and tee are from the Gap and the jacket is from Express.

I am done with stylists. I will cut and blow my own hair. I do a better job

The only caveat to a mostly fun day was that half the film that we shot I didn’t end up using because my hair looked atrocious. And that is because the blowout I had done that day was bloody awful. I generally do not like the way stylists blow my hair, and now that I could see the evidence in photos, my disdain has been reinforced. My hair looks better when I do it. I literally looked like I had wig on, and my hair looked flat and dirty. It is hard to tell in the shots I did post, but wow. Do any of you have this problem? My regular readers know I have struggled finding a good stylist. I swear no one knows how to do hair well in this city. And I am on a mission—I am not getting my hair cut for the next year. I am still dealing with the repercussions of a bad hair cut I got a year and a half ago. I am done with stylists. I will cut and blow my own hair. I do a better job.

Photos taken by Joesphina, image manipulation my moi


  1. I love adidas they are so chic with jean, trouser and shorts or even a cute dress. You rock them in a New York minute.

  2. This is such a great weekend look and sorry to hear about your experience, now I do my own and love it much better and it saves me money.


  3. I like the suit and sneakers match!


  4. It took me a long time to find one that I love. I find mine through Twitter! Ha! I am crazy picky and ask questions the entire time–it throws them off their game.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day in the city. Sorry ’bout the hair-troubles.

  6. I never like how my hairdresser blows out my hair. I too think I do a better job. However, she does a great job on my color so I stay with her. She does great color and cut but styling not so much. It’s hard to find someone who is a good stylist.

  7. You always score such great sale finds. That’s a cool bag and it looks fab with your black and white outfit. It’s a shame you weren’t happy with your hair. I think it looks good but all all have our own particular preferences to how we like our hair styled.

  8. Hi! I don’t remember your hair looking bad that day, but I totally agree with you about getting your hair styled by another person. I’m never as happy with it myself. Even if I like the hairstyle, it never seems to be as flattering. One of these days…!

    Btw, loving your superstars! Mine are on repeat!!

    Josephina http://www.josephinacollection.com/ | On Ig: https://www.instagram.com/josephinacollection/

  9. your handbag is so stunning
    you look awesome

  10. Love your shoes, and you got a great deal on that bag 🙂

  11. Your hair actually looks fine to me in the pictures but maybe it’s the angle? I know the pain of finding a good hair stylist which is why as soon as I find a good one, I stick with him/her.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  12. I love how you added the brown scarf in the mix, this is such a chic look!


  13. So chic, lady- love how this is comfy enough to get around the city effortlessly but still looks so polished! Well done!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. Love the outfit and the suit/trainers combo. And black and white are my favourite colours too!

  15. It’s always a toss up sometimes to find a great hair stylist. I think you look great, but I understand if you weren’t happy with the turn out. Love these city photos. <3

  16. Love the causal vibe of the “suit” and tee. Perfect chic outfit for a downtown brunch. Great bag, too!
    I love that about NY, conversations are so easy to start, so many interesting people here!
    xx, Elle

  17. You totally rock that blac/white outfit great job 🙂

    Check out my new tropical decor post!

    Have a fun weekend dear 🙂

    LOVE Maria

  18. I love how you styled this outfit with a sporty shoe. Tones it down, but still classy and beautiful. Love it, Alicia.
    Happy weekend! 🙂


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