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A Crop Top, A Pleated Skirt, ALLIE NYC, and NYFW




I  have been lusting for a pleated midi skirt for quite some town now and I finally acquired one. I purchased this peach hued beauty from Zara and what was even better I got it on sale for $49.99. I ordered it online and picked it up in the store. The day I picked it up there was a huge summer sale going on and the lines were mind-blowingly long. But lucky for me, because I had already purchased the item and it was fully paid for I did not have to wait on the regular line, and was ushered to a special kiosk and was out the door in a snap! Nice to get the VIP treatment. The long skirt is no longer available but Zara now has a short version. I also had been mulling over wether or not I wanted to purchase a crop top, I am not sure if I have fully embraced this trend or not. But when I saw this one at Foxes in Huntington Long Island and it was on sale for $29.00 I figured this was a good price point to try this trend. It comes from the fun and quirky apparel line Willow and Clay and it fits beautifully. When I saw it I knew it would go perfectly with the Zara skirt I had recently purchased. The lovely peach shade of the skirt contrasts nicely with the smoky black in the top and the two toned stripes in the top mirror the pleats in the skirt. Cool, right? I wore a statement necklace to add a bit more color and I wore my Aerosoles slip on leopard print sneakers as I knew I would be on my feet quite a bit. This look could also be worn with a pair of nude pumps and this is exactly what I would have worn if I was going to an event in which I would be sitting for the majority of the time.

The only caveat was the look did quite turn out as I was envisioning because the skirt even though it is an extra small is still one size too big. The skirt did not stay up high on my waist where it should have been, and sort of fell on my hips which gave it a different look, and not the one that was intended by the retailer. This is a problem I often encounter and it seems within the next decade here in the states my “size” will not even exist any more. And the funny thing is when I try on European extra-smalls or size two’s I can not even get the garments zipped as they are way too small. So in Europe, unlike America I am just a normal small, not an extra-extra small. So it seems it is only in The States that my size is considered a rarity or a freak of nature. Perhaps one day this will change, but in the mean time my taylor is making a killing.

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  1. I love the peach colored skirt!

  2. Shame that the skirt doesn’t sit where you want it too, but it does look great on you! 🙂 A nice combination with the navy top 🙂

    Away From The Blue

  3. Looved this look, the leopard slip-ons are perfect with it.


  4. Great outfit you look fabulous.

  5. LOVE your outfit!! You look fantastic!!

  6. A great grab from Zara for under $50, me thinks!


  7. you look great! love the necklace and the shoes 🙂

  8. Your first crop top and pleated midi! How exciting! They will definitely look beautiful together. And what’s even better is that you got a deal on both!

  9. Oh, I think you look great! The color of the skirt is so pretty! I’ve only been in a Zara once before as I don’t really have one super close by.

  10. Wow, you look amazing in the picture, I love your look a lot! 😀 I really love the skirt!


  11. Beautiful outfit <3


  12. You looked amazing at NYFW! I only own one crop top as well. It still seems a little weird for me, like maybe I would have been okay with them if I was going out in college or something, but you made it look so classy and beautiful!

  13. The outfit is still way too cute, even if he skirt was a little too big, and what would tailors do all day long if they didn’t have you and other tiny girls to alter for? 😉 Love the look love!! xx

  14. Hi, I love the whole outfit! Great taste! xx

  15. Love how effortlessly chic this outfit is and the color combination is very striking!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  16. I think you looked awesome and so cool- even if the skirt was a touch big. The pleats are so pretty- and I love it with the sneakers! 🙂


  17. I love the picture of you at NYFW. You look incredible. Midi skirts are one of my favorite things ever, especially if they are pleated. Your crop top looks very pretty too.

  18. Your tailor must be happy to see your face all the time :)) I love Zara so much, it is such a stylish brand, great quality that is hard to find at a really good price. The sale here in L.A. was amazing also! The skirt you got is so pretty. I still have a few pieces I haven’t worn yet.

    Much Love,

  19. This is SUCH an awesome look Allie, you look so chic and cool and totally rock that crop top… no matter if the skirt ended up being too big. Don’t you just hate vanity sizing? So annoying!

    xx Hélène

  20. It still looks great even if it doesn’t sit exactly where you want – also perfect excuse to go on European shopping trips now 🙂

  21. Allie,
    I love this look and was also looking for that perfect midi knife pleat skirt! I found it two years ago at Milly, on sale, and the 0 will fit you. I bet they are running the same one, it is in wool, and it does all of the things a natural fiber skirt should do, drapes, and feels good on. I also bought a great skirt from Zara is this pleat, in the coolest metallic! I hope to be able to show both…eventualy. I am LOVING yours! The color is soft and neutral, and I can see you pairing perfectly, with lots of neutrals, and great boots.
    It can be hard to be so petite, I know.
    xx, Elle

  22. Shame that it didn’t fit the way you had intended! But it’s still a gorgeous skirt! And in such a pretty peach shade too!

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