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Made By Girl And Madewell an Event in NYC Fall 2014













T his past weekend I attended a wonderful event at Madewell in New York City. It was a pop up shop for the talented blogger and artist Jen Ramos of the well known blog Made By Girl. This co-sponsored event was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon with fruity cocktails, tasty hourderves, plenty of fellow bloggers to chat with and of course lots of beautiful art. Getting there was a bit of a challenge when it seemed every subway line in the New York was under construction, but luckily the weather was delightful and the Madewell store on the upper east side could not have been more accommodating. I was greeted with a refreshing and oh so needed cocktail and then made way to Jen’s pop up shop.

[blockquote]I spend most of my days in my home office—so naturally, I have to be surrounded by artwork—which is always inspiring…Jen Ramos

I happily ran in to a number of fellow bloggers I am friendly with Josephina of Josephina’s Collection and Adri of Adri’s World. We sipped our cocktails, chatted about how to handle running in to celebrities, and of course we shopped.I mean how could we resist such striking prints and paintings? Jen’s work is such a breath of fresh air. I love her palette and the quirky yet sophisticated approach she takes in her creations. From her trademark swooshes and swipes to her newer work like the teal and gold American flag, there was plenty to choose from. I struggled a bit on which painting to purchase and I finally decide on the pink and gold pineapple painting.The colors are so vibrant, and I love the gold texture of the metallic paint woven throughout. I can not wait to hang it up. It is so exciting to own a true original piece of artwork. My photographs do not do her work justice, it is so much more enthralling when you see it face to face. I am excited for her new collection and to see what she does next. There are also a number of pieces I still have my eye on. One day I will have my dream home office, and it that dream home office will be my first original piece of artwork—a Jen Ramos MGB original or two or three or four…and off I go with my purchase!




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  1. did everyone tells you your shoes is amazing impressive.

    Royal Wang

  2. This is awesome I like creative people and event to go to.

  3. wow, that looks like an amazing event! thanks for sharing that with us.

  4. Gorgeous post!
    Maybe we can follow to each other? 🙂


  5. sounds like a great event and her pieces are so pretty.


  6. Looks like a totally cool and sophisticated event 🙂 Very New York 🙂


  7. What a fun event. Love your outfit. I have one of Jen’s LOVE print. It’s so fab. I so love her work.

  8. Looks like a cool event!! Love the artwork and your leopard flats btw :-)!!


  9. What a fun event! You probably couldn’t have gone wrong whichever print you chose and I bet your new print will surely brighten up the wall you hang it on.

  10. i love that wall with all her pieces. american flag, square heart and the ever ever prints caught my eyes!

  11. Cool event! Wish I didn’t miss it!

  12. Omgosh this looks like the cutest event ever and so much fun! We’d like to get our hands on those pretzels 🙂 xx

  13. Oh what a fun event – so bummed I missed it! Made By Girl’s happy artwork never fails to make me smile!

  14. Looks like it was a great event to attend! PS Those leopard kicks are too cute!!

    House of Illusions

  15. Thank you Allie – so nice of you to write about the Madewell event. Was fun! XO

  16. I love her artwork too. This post reminds me that my office needs new artwork.

  17. Love the photos Allie! Wish I lived closer but looks like it was a great turnout. Loved that her hubby was there to fully help and support her…and his shirt from Ily is awesome haha

  18. This sounds like a very enjoyable and fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon starting off with cocktails. You made the right choice too. I was admiring the pineapple paintings and I then scrolled down to read that you had purchased one!

  19. The pieces are lovely!

  20. Oh I know her, of course we haven’t met in person. Maybe someday…
    You made a very impressive review on her. I agree.

  21. I love her work! I’m sure everything looked so much more beautiful in person. I’m glad someone I know got to attend the event. 🙂

  22. how awesome is that?!! that’s my kind of event!! 😀 thanks for sharing the pictures!
    happy october!

    Animated Confessions

  23. Lovely Pictures …..surely it was a intresting Event <3


  24. Sounds and looks like a great time and such a happy ambiance!

  25. Love your jacket! This sounds like it was a really great event. My favorite piece is the ‘sip sip’ martini one!

  26. SUCH a cool event! I love Madewell, too- so it wouldn’t be too difficult to get me there! 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

  27. Nice blog 🙂

  28. This wall is incredible!! I’m very inspired to do something similar 🙂


  29. Ooh her work is exceptional. I’ll dream along with you. I can’t wait to have my own space and fill it with inspirational, pretty things. Artwork plays a major role in that.


  30. this looks like fun her stuff is cute
    and you look awesome in your haircalf slip ons 🙂

  31. Looks like a great event!

  32. Looks like a fun event! Why looking so serious, my friend?? *_^

  33. Looks like such a fun event! The gallery wall+painting are so beautiful, I would love to fill my place with them.

  34. Such an adorable event – the decor is just perfect!!


  35. hi there, what a nice experience! it looks like it was a lovely evening!

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