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#BloggersOnDuty—Elle of The Elle Diaries









Happy summer everyone, today I am introducing you to Elle of  The Elle Diaries in my next installment of #BloggersOnDuty. I met Elle through my blog, we would read and comment on each others blog. We followed each other for well over a year before we met. I had come to feel that I knew Elle as a friend and last fall during Fashion Week we finally got to meet. We had a wonderful time at NYFW and you can be sure we will attend the shows together this fall.

With a love of fashion, the city in which she lives and the desire to express herself in a rapidly changing society The Elle Diaries was born

Elle lives in New York City with her husband, but on the weekends you can often find her in the Hamptons. With a love of fashion, the city in which she lives and the desire to express herself in a rapidly changing society The Elle Diaries was born. Last Week I met Elle for lunch and a shoot. We shot in a lovely park across the street from the U.N and afterwards we chatted over lunch about our lives and the ever changing landscape in the blogosphere. Elle was engaging, open and a delight to chat with, such a fun way to spend an afternoon. And sure to stay tuned for the next installment of #BloggersOnDuty.

Occupation: Blogger

How old is your blog: The Ellie Diaries is less than two  years old, But I started blogging almost 5 years ago.

Why did you start your blog: I started my blog for a variety of reasons. The main two would be: one, as a means of self expression and an outlet for my creativity. And secondly, the most compelling reason would be to “picture myself well” after being diagnosed with a serious and rare  auto immune disease. I was seeing so many doctors for my multi-system disease that I saw myself as a patient, and I knew I needed a better mindset to gain optimal control of the disease process. Wear it and it will come?

At this time, I fell in love with thrift store and consignment store shopping. Because the prices were so much lower than I had been used to paying, I started buying a more colorful and eclectic wardrobe. I soon began to replace my more conservative and minimal wardrobe—you can read that as grey and beige, with one with more vibrant and enjoyable pattern mixing. I do believe that blogging has helped me in many ways .

What article of clothing could you not live without: One article of clothing that I could not live without is a terribly unglamorous one, I have comfy sweats that are worn to bits and they are the most comfortable thing I own. I live in them at night. The piece that I seem to wear most often, and around the house, is a tiered denim skirt made for Gap Kids that cost three dollars at a resale shop.

And then there is my jewelry; I often wear several pieces—even when I am staying home to do housework. I love my bling. I used to design jewelry.

What was the Last Book you read: The last book I read is “True Style” by Glenda K. Harrison.  It is very hard for me read actual books because my eyes muscles are weak, but I was able to enjoy that book and loved it. I do love listening to books on Audible.com and the last audio book that I listened to was the Chemist by Stephanie Meyer; a gripping thriller involving a CIA type organization and personal survival, told from the perspective of a brilliant and brave woman.

If you didn’t live in NY what city would you live in: If I could not live in New York I would live in New Zealand, San Francisco, or Montreal. There are many places I can see myself in, but I do love Manhattan…


  1. Love this series and Elle’s eclectic style.


  2. It’s always interesting to learn how/why people start blogging! Fun interviews and photos!

  3. Thanks for this great post Allie, and the shout-out, too! I love spending time with you, and enjoy reading the blog. I hope we can see more of each other. I value your professional work and friendship!
    xx, Elle

  4. This is so lovely to read and Elle comes across as such a beautiful inside out person and I love how unique her sense of fashion is. And also love ho honest she is about sweat pants, makes her more relatable!

  5. It’s so great that you finally got to meet! There are so many friendships I hear about through the blog community =o)


  6. What a fun series! Love my comfy clothes too, even though I love fashion haha, they’re just the best. Her outfit is so gorgeous too, love the print mix! Xx


  7. She is such an inspiration and a fashion icon as well. Love her outfit, so lovely!

    Madame X

  8. So inspiring how she found such positivity in blogging while fighting her auto immune disease!


  9. Such a cute interview!
    Have a lovely day,
    xx Kris


  10. That’s awesome that you met from blogging! The internet is a powerful thing! I hope you both meet more often in the future!

    Simply Lovebirds

  11. That’s awesome that you guys met and became friends through blogging! Love her style. I’m inspired to go to a thrift store now.

  12. yess! love the look!
    Xx, Tiffany Lea

  13. I love that she can’t live without comfy sweats! Me, too 🙂

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