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The future of fashion week–what comes next?

Things are going to be quite busy for me in the next ten days or so with Fashion Week, so while things may be a bit quite here on ALLIE NYC rest assured I am quite busy. But I wanted to take this moment to speak a bit more about Fashion Week and in particular the future of NYFW. As most of you know Alexander Wang is the most recent top tier designer to pull out of Fashion Week. He is going to be holding events in June and December as opposed to the traditional months of September and February.

He is not the only one—many designers are opting out of NYFW choosing instead to show at Paris, or at other times of year. And many designers are not having traditional runway shows, but are showing their collections via unique presentations or Instagram runway shows.

But with all these changes it can feel like trying to build a sustainable structure on quicksand

There many reasons for these changes—but the biggest reason is how content is delivered and consumed. That said, this does not mean all the changes will be successful, I guess we are in a bit of a trail and error transitional time period. Though it seems we are in a transitional time period in many industries.

But with all these changes it can feel like trying to build a sustainable structure on quicksand. How sustainable are all these changes? And it is not so much change itself—but the relentless pace of change that could upset the apple cart in a not so positive way. What say you?

Image via Pinterst via StyleCaster


  1. I really wish I could attend NYFW. Maybe next season, but I’m really looking forward to seeing the designs that will be shown on the runway.
    Have fun at fashion week!


  2. it’s crazy how digital media is changing everything.


  3. I’m not surprised with the changes since fashion is an ever evolving business and it is a business first of all so designers must adapt to the most effective means of getting their collections out there. I don’t think that runway shows are going away that soon but the trend seems to be less and less.

  4. It’s definitely a sign of the times! xx HautePinkPretty

  5. I agree with you that it seems we are in a transition period. Definitely excited to see how the fashion world will change to stay with the changing times. Also really happy to see more of social media marketing and how working with bloggers will continue.

    Thanks for sharing and have fun at NYFW!

    Jani from http://www.melifeinmedicineblog.com

  6. The power of social media, wow!! I definitely want to attend NYF week some day.


  7. great post


  8. I wish I could attend NYFW! I am sure you will deliver great content, will be looking forward to your coverage 🙂
    Hope you’re having a lovely Valentine’s week <3

  9. Unique presentations or instagram runway shows are great alternative, but it would be great experince for me to see traditional runway shows during fashion week.


  10. ok, so I know you are very busy 🙂 To tell you the truth I am as well, packing things to move. But you know what, I think Alexander Wag ad others are kind of right, I think December is a nice month to release collections! Hope you have a beautiful day! Hugs!

  11. They only certainty of any of this, is that there is upcoming uncertainty. This seems emblematic of wider social conditions. I will admit I have mixed feelings about this. There are so many shows to see in such a short period, that I would personally like it if the presentations were staggered. But I am a New Yorker so this would make my life easier and perhaps not so much for other people.
    I know there is an app for watching New York fashion shows. And I can see that like so much in the style field, there are changes ahead. So much is done on social media and less and less in person. Next year will we see the Netflix of fashion week?
    That has a nice ring to it. Maybe that will be a future post?
    Wonderful to see you, I am finally well again.

  12. I always love the fashion week because we can see how everything has been going more digital these years!

    Looking forward to seeing the photos!


  13. Everybody loves Alexander Wang, one of the best. He is on top of the designing game. I like modern design these days, kinda vintage but still looks like modern.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  14. It feels like everything is in a transitional period. It will be interesting to see what happens to fashion week.

  15. I’ve got to the point where fashion week does my head in, I don’t attend the shows anymore because I can’t be bothered with the stress lol.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  16. There’s definitely a power to social media in this day and age that we live it.

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com/

  17. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Fashion. Really exciting times, and events like NYFW gives us a good glimpse of the beautiful and unique things to come.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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