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School Rag Parisian Style For Lookbook Friday

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Bonjour, Happy Friday all. Today I am sharing with you a French label I discovered on Instagram. A French label with an English name School Rag. My regular readers know I am a fan of the Parisian French effortless chic aesthetic. You know that unfussy, I didn’t try too hard to look like an in-the-know fashionista. Clothes that flatter the female form, and celebrate it without the overblown hype. Casual, quietly sensual, comfortable, with just the right amount of eye catching details. I will have to make an effort to visit one of their stores next time I am in Paris. They have locations all over France, but I believe at this time they are indeed only sold in France.

NYFW Fall2020 #11 Outside Marc Jacobs

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Yes yes are officially well in to what should have been a normal NYFW for Spring 2021 and I am still posting from Fall2020. A few more posts to go and I will be done! The shots here are from the last show I went to I mean the last show I stood outside and shot street style. I did not get to many shots as it was well after sundown and the sidewalk was narrow with no room to shoot, very crowded and the only light source was overhead fluorescent lights. Not the most optimal of shooting situations. But I managed to get a few OK shots, and even a few of Karlie Kloss! This was a star studded event to be sure, I saw a lot of well known faces from Grace Coddington to Marc Jacobs himself, who sadly I only managed to get snap of the back of his head.

A Few Snaps of WIW to NYFW

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Here a few snaps of what I wore to NYFW. I really was not planning on attending. With the majority of it being digital I did not think there would be attendees to shoot or shows to attend. But there were some shows with an audience–social distanced of course and mandatory masks. And I was invited to the Street Fashion Week show and Flying Solo’s Fitting Day Event as well as the Flying Solo show’s which were held on a rooftop which many of you may have seen. As I was not planning on attending I did not really plan out any looks. Everything here is from my closet and has appeared on the blog before. The only thing “new” was the the yellow ruffle top which I got pre-loved and was not in fact a top.

NYFW In The New Normal SS2021

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I did attend NYFW this season. It was of course very different. Much of it was digital but I did attend a few events and the Flying Solo Fitting day, the Flying Solo shows and the Street Fashion Week shows. I also did some street style shooting. Things were noticeably much quieter and the city was not its usual self that is for sure. But Fashion Week persevered and I was able to have a little normalcy in my life. I met up with a few of my fellow photos and it was great to see them and do what we love. I hope enjoy.

A Striped Tube Top 2 Ways; Sporty VS Chic

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Summer is just about wrapped up, and I did not get out as much as I usually do, and we all know why. I did however manage to get in a photo shoot or two, and today I am sharing with you two different ways to style a striped tube top. I first saw this shirt on the blog Not Jess Fashion. I Loved how Jess styled hers, and I just knew I had to get it. I actually picked this up last year and even wore it to Fashion Week last fall. I have also not been shopping as much either. So to that end I shopped my closet, and decided to style this fun top two different ways…

Makeup Trends 2019 & 2020 FW VS Social Media

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There will not be a live Fashion Week this season here in New York. Fashion Week will only be three days, digital only and no audiences. No live attendees. Very strange. Apparently it was the same for mens fashion week and couture and both were flops from what I understand. So, is this the new normal? Even after the pandemic? My guess is no. But at any rate today we will be looking at the makeup trends of 2019 and the changes for 2020 and the difference between FW and editorial makeup and the looks we see on social media. Hope you enjoy!

NYFW Fall 2o20 Street Style #8

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Yup we are full on in to summer and I am forging ahead with my NYFW photos taken in early February. What now seems like a life time ago with everything that has been happening. Is there an end in sight? I don’t know. I can’t lie. I am depressed, anxious and worried about the future. Looking back at these photos does give me some solace. But also a bittersweet sense of something that may be lost forever. But I hope you enjoy these photos of attendees and models and a fashionista in training!