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Zara Crochet Top For A Summer Time Look

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I am so glad I bought this top, many of you probably saw it in my last haul post. It is super comfortable and cool enough for the very warm weather. It is fun to wear a crochet piece and I love the color and the shoulder detail. The only thing is the sizing is limited: it comes in three sizes SM, MD and LG—that’s it. So it is a bit big, but at least that will give me more room to layer it over other pieces when the weather gets cooler.


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Here is the second post in my #under100 series. I was inspired to share this with you from my shopping trip Friday evening. This was the first time I went out full-on shopping in over a year. I got out a bit last summer, but did not by much and I did not buy any clothing online. I was not working and in lockdown so I did not see the point. It felt good to get out and shop, after a year and half of lock down or semi lockdown, and then working full-time and not really shopping, or taking a break it was quite nice I must say. But I did see this dress in person and it is super cute, the print is even prettier in person. I almost bought it, but ended up buying another dress that was on sale. I am going to share that dress with you next week in my post pandemic haul video.

NYFW Street Style SS2021 #2

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Here are some more photos from my street style shoots from NYFW SS2021 shot in early fall of 2020. Did not get to Paris this year but I was able to shoot a little here in New York. Turn out was low but there were still some attendees and of course some street style to shoot. There was certainly more of turn out this past September than this past February.

Plastic Surgery Yay or Nay, What Say You?

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The pressure to look our best is at an all time high and we can squarely blame it on social media. The days of magazines and movies making us feel inferior feels so quaint now. With filters and blow by blow larger then life Insta stories and feeds and everyone looks like a model on YouTube, well OK not really but the pressure can be intense. And celebs are not immune to this pressure either. There has been a lot of talk and buzz on the internet about Khloe Kardashian with many speculating on what kind of plastic surgery she may or may not have had. You kind of have to feel bad for her to a degree with the level of scrutiny she receives. Personally I thought she looked find the way she was but that was I felt, not what she felt.

Love Link Express #13

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It has been a while since I have done a Love Link Express. I actually lost count which one this would be. Love Link Express for new viewers is where I share some of my favorite finds. It can anything from fashion, to beauty, to gift giving, to home decor to dinning out etc. Today I am sharing with my latest finds for the first half of 2021. Hope you find something you like:

The Nap Dress-A Super Comfortable Trend We All Need To Rock

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Lounge wear is so 2020, with things opening up and more of us getting out and about the last thing we want to throw on is a lounge wear set. Don’t get me wrong I love them for working from home, but with the blue skies, spring air and the sense of optimism I am more than ready to kick my style up a notch.