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A Day Shopping, Dinning and Strolling on the east end of Long Island

Here is my second video using Filmora. This time I shot it on my DSLR with the kit lens that came with my camera. It is only a wee bit better then my phone. Though definitely trickier with the focus. Some of the footage my friend shot is bit out of focus. I should have set the shot up for her. I don’t know too much about focusing when shooting video, need to do some research.

I also used a separate microphone this time, and not the one that is built in to the computer. I used the Snow Ball iCE microphone and it is better then the one my computer but you still need to be fairly close to it. In the instructions it said in the input sound settings to set it to very low as the microphone is very sensitive.

it is better then the on board mike, and at $49.00 it’s not breaking the bank so it will do for the time being

OK, I did not find this to be the case at all. When I did this I could barely hear the audio. I had to turn the volume all the way up in both the sound preferences on my computer and in the Filmora software. But it is better then the on board mike, and at $49.00 it’s not breaking the bank so it will do for the time being.

Well I hope you enjoy this video of my day out on the east end of Long Island. And stay tuned for more videos…


  1. It’s amazing to finally hear your voice, Allie! And while the video has some out of focus moments, it’s actually fun to watch!

  2. Love this video Allie, so professional! I love the pace and the lighting effect, and it was fun to follow you!
    YOu know I adore that coat. I love the funny details – hello lizard0- LOL, and i loved the bag in the shop! OOh, the sunset!
    xx, Elle

  3. You did a good job with the video! Thanks for showing us around. It has been ages since I’ve been to Long Island. Tula Kitchen looks like a must visit!

  4. Paper Doll! My favorite store. We have one in Huntington Village. And Ooh La La is fun, too. I feel like we’re leading parallel lives, close but not touching. Alas…

  5. Love this video! I find it really hard to get a good focus on videos like this. Looks like you had a fun day.
    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com

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