Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse Delightfully Sophisticated Scents for the Modern Woman

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I am on a fragrance kick. Must be the holiday season and the fact that I am spending more time in department stores. But the fragrance counter is one of the places I seem to navigate to first. I just love to try out different scents and spritzing myself with options. Last February during NYFW I attended an event at Macy’s and of course before I headed upstairs to the event I had to stop by the fragrance counter. And the clever bow tie packaging of Estee Lauder’s new Modern Muse line caught my attention. There were a total of four fragrances to choose from and after spraying them all on to individual tester stripes I chose one to try on.

I then continued on my way. And as the day wore on I found I really liked the scent and decided I would at some point go back and purchase it. But I found when I returned to the counter months later I could not recall which of the four scents I liked. Any time I would find myself in Macy’s I would spritz myself with one or more the Modern Muse fragrances, but still could not discern which of the scents it was that I liked. So this weekend when I was Christmas shopping in Lord & Taylor and came across this gift set I knew I had to have it. At only $35.00 it is an affordable way to try out all four offerings. This way I will have plenty of time to experiment and figure out which of these scents is my favorite.

And much like the scent I wrote about last week the fragrances in this collection tend to be more on the spicy side. There are floral notes to be sure, but these perfumes are intended for the modern woman and they are not overly sweet or delicate. But are layered scents of subtle sophistication. I believe this gift set is only available in stores. So if you are in need of an affordable gift for the fragrance lover in your life, or like me you want to gift yourself something for the Holidays this should fit the bill. So get your derrière in to Lord & Taylor tout suite!

  • Jackie
    December 5, 2016

    Love the bottle so cute

  • Rowena
    December 5, 2016

    This set is definitely affordable and would make a lovely gift for someone or yourself. You just reminded me that i ahven’t been wearing my scents as much lately and I should make an effort to use them more.

  • Oh to Be a Muse
    December 5, 2016

    They’re so cute. I love the tops on them and their size.

  • Portia
    December 5, 2016

    So much class in a fragran!

  • little luxury list
    December 6, 2016

    I love it just for the packaging – how gorgeous!

  • Akaleistar
    December 6, 2016

    I don’t wear fragrance most of the time, but I love buying them for the bottles 🙂

  • elle sees
    December 6, 2016

    Ooh La La indeed! I’ll make sure to give these a sniff.

  • Shireen L. Platt
    December 6, 2016

    I love that you’re actually writing about fragrance, Allie! I am tempted to pick up a couple of new scents for myself because for years I only use two; J’Adore by Dior and Angel by Theirry Mugler and I think it’s time for a change.

  • Gingi Freeman
    December 6, 2016

    Ohhhhhhh great post!! Thank you for sharing!!! <3 –

  • elle the elle diaries
    December 6, 2016

    That is a funny story, Sounds like something I would do. This package seems wonderful, having four to choose from is a good idea, I am sure you will find one or two, or mixtures of a few that you will love .Estee Lauder is fabulous at packaging. and I also like a clean scent, with mild floral notes
    to wear out. But floral fragrances, i wear at home, sometimes, put a dab on my pillow. I know that most people do not like them..
    xx, Elle

  • Agnes W
    December 9, 2016

    There’s just something about the holidays and buying fragrances…lol 🙂

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