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Pin Stripes are having a moment who knew they could be so chic

Pin stripes are having a moment. Yes many of us may think of bad nineties pants suits and tacky office ware, but it seems pint stripes have been rediscovered or should I say reinvented.  I never thought I would see a come back of pin stripes, but I stand corrected.  These trousers with their high waist, distinctive pin stripe and and turned up hems really make this look pop. They are the focal point of the look and pull it all together in an understand way. Love this.



Doubling down on pin stripes is an uber chic win win when Silvia Navarro of the blog 1 Sillaparamibo steps out in her pin strips. And I love masculine tie and how it balances out the curve appeal of the pants.



And here are two variations on the over-sized pin stripe, be it a feminine pull over or a man tailored shirt, both of these tops are the center piece of these looks and a surefire way to make fashion forward statement.


Does’t Kendall look fashionably gorgeous in these pants? I know what your thinking, when doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous, but wow these reversed out pin strip trousers are oh la la!


And nothing could be more effortless then a pin stripe man tailored blazer and boyfriend jeans. Just add some delicate gold jewel and a classic red lip and presto! Instant chic. And did anyone notice those tortoise shell bangles? So gorgeous. I must track those down. This image is of Lauren Bastide, and the photo was taken by Garance Dore. Who interviewed Lauren a former editor of French Elle who is now launching her own pod cast series called La Poudre last week in New York. You can read the full interview on Garancdore.com. and let me know, do you do pin stripes? If not would you do pin stripes?


  1. You have the height for this fashion I could see you sport those thin stripe pants which are so chic,

  2. I love this trend, it’s nice to see a classic making a comeback.


  3. I love pin stripes. Although, Every time I wear it I can’t help but think of the Yankees. It’s from all my years in baseball. Pin stripes were not our friends. hahaha I kid! I have alot of respect for the Yankees but I still prefer the RedSox to win! haha

  4. I love how pinstripes give a subtle nod to menswear and they can really be chic when they’re not overdone. I recently bought my husband a pinstriped sweatshirt which I think I might be borrowing haha ;p

  5. I like so much lines in clothing!!!


  6. Very nice. I love pin stripes.

  7. Love the pin stripe inspiration!

  8. Glad these are making a comeback, I have always loved pinstripes! <3 – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  9. This stripe fanatic is happy to see pinstripes having a moment. Love that last look, esp.

  10. Ha! Love the title because that’s exactly what I thought…but you’ve convinced me otherwise with your roundup!

    House of Illusions

  11. I haven’t worn pin stripes in the last decade but you’ve given me The Want!!

    Emma | http://www.fluffandfripperies.com

  12. I’m obsessed with pin stripes! So chic!
    Happy Weekend, babe!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  13. Omg, I love everything with stripes, so chic and so cool looking!!! Great inspo! xo

  14. Well,as it happens I do! Love the examples here, ( though Kendall’s looks is my least favorite) I love the tie and heels, a good combo.
    I rarely wear my pinstripes, although ti was part of a TBT, but I love the look! I can certainly see you wearing this trend and doing it great justice.
    happy weekend.
    xx, Elle

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