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“Throwin” You Some Shade—4 Pairs of Sunnies from $40 to $250 There is a Price Range for You

Summer is here and we all know what that means sun! So of course we need to get our sunnies on, yes? I have never bought super expensive sunglasses because I am so afraid of losing them or breaking them—something I seem to do every summer. In fact in the past I have refused to pay over $25.00 for sunglasses because of this problem. But lately I have been enticed to spend a bit more. I was in the Michael Kors store on Saturday and saw a number of pairs of sunnies that I was defiantly coveting. I am still probably not going to plunk down more then $100 for a pair of sun glasses, but even reaching this limit is a big step for me. What say you? How much do you spend on sunnies? Do you like to indulge? Or are you like me and hesitate because of the nature of this accessorie and how hard it is to lose or break them?  Either way I rounded up a few pairs of varying price ranges. From $40.00 for these Kooky glasses from Top Shop to $250.00 for the blingy Kate Spade shades to the mid range J Crew and Michael Kors pairs, there should be something here to please you. I currently have my eye on the  Michael Kors with the contrast white handles, loving that! And I will keep you posted if I go ahead and take the plunge.


  1. love the white shades.


  2. The Kate Spade sunnies are amazing!

  3. loving the j crew pair!


  4. This is awesome. I’m obsess with sunglasses, especially with retro style 🙂


  5. I know exactly how you feel Allie, I hate overpaying for sunglasses. My mentality is save, save, save, almost always. A splurge now and then is cool. I spend anywhere from $16.00 to $100 on my sunglassses. I have a strategy too. I only take out my fancy ones once in a while for special ocassions or when they really go with an outfit. My everyday ones don’t cost more than 16 to 20 bucks. Since I work with kids at schools and homes, there’s no telling what will happen to them. Lost,or damaged somehow are the usual things that happen to my sunglasses. Hope your week is a prosperous one!


  6. I want the first one so chic great selection dear.

  7. If I could collect anything, it would be sunglasses. I’ve developed a serious obsession. I LOVE those Kate Spade shades. No price is too high for me when it comes to shades lol.
    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  8. Seeing as I have to wear prescription sunglasses, I don’t change up my sunglasses that much. The pair I’m wearing were $100 and they are from Warby Parker. I got them last year and absolutely love them. It is rather hard for me to find sunglasses for my prescription. Most won’t work because my prescription is too high. Although, I do get envious of people who can wear any sunglasses.

  9. Love the Top Shop ones and the classic ones from J Crew, love the pale color! Great round up, just in time for real sun shine!
    xx, Elle

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  11. They are so beautiful

  12. That Kate Spade pair is adorable but the prices isn’t as cute! I generally don’t like to spend more than $100 on sunglasses but I don’t like cheapo ones either since I question their level of sun protection so I shop at places like Century 21 where you can get genuine Ray Bans for under $100. If you plan to wear the MK ones for years, you should definitely get them!

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