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The film Crazy Rich Asians debuted nation-wide last weekend and was one of the top grossing films for the week. With such a strong opening a sequel is already in the works. Of course it all started with the book “Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan. A fascinating look in to a world not widely know about in the west. Though with the changing social media landscape and the explosion of You Tube much of that has change. And a lot has changed since Kevin Kwan’s childhood in Singapore and even since 2013 when the book was written.

I want to see the film and read the book. In fact I just ordered it from Amazon for my trip to Paris. But are you curious to know about the real crazy rich Asians? In the ever burgeoning world of the self famous it seems our appetite for peaking behind the curtains of “real” people has no end. Though the people in Kevin Kwans book may not be real, the people they are represent are real—though a rarified breed of the extremely privileged to be sure. So if you think such a world is made up guess again, it does exist. And Bazaar along with writer Kevin Kwan traveled to Asian to meet and document the real crazy rich Asians. This You Tube video is a fascinating and fun look at a world most of us can just drool over. But a guilty pleasure it is.


  1. I love the video…
    I love Heart Evangelista,
    she’s such a fashionista.


  2. they are so fab and I loved the movie. thanks for sharing this video.


  3. This was great video to watch. Citure gowns were stunning.
    Nina’s Style Blog

  4. The book is a real page turner and they did a good job of staying true to the story with the book. It is semi autobiographical in terms of the society and the people portrayed which honestly is the craziest part of the whole thing.

  5. I saw a few posts about it the other day on Twitter and since then all I want to do is watch it! haha
    Sounds so much interesting!

    P.S: I tried to comment 3 times(!!!) maybe worth checking if there is an issue with the comment form…

  6. This movie is on my must-see list! It looks amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. Wow these ladies are so stylish. Look at all these couture clothes. Chic chic chi!!


  8. Oh my gosh, the fashion in this video is an absolute dream! I’ll definitely be looking into this as well; great decision to order the book for your trip to Paris – I’ve no doubt it’ll be an excellent read. Okay, feeling SO inspired right now haha…

    aglassofice.com x

  9. The gowns are incredible! I’ll never have that kind of money, but if I did, splurging on fashion would be something I’d do! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the video.

    I hope that your week has been going well so far 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. Heart Evangelista is truly fabulous. So refined, and so gorgeous!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  11. Sounds very interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing dear)

  12. This video is so interesting…I loved seeing all the beautiful fashion! I definitely need to read this book and see the movie! Thanks for sharing!


  13. How have I not heard of this?! I need to watch that ASAP!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  14. Very interesting post ^.^

  15. This Crazy Rich Asians movie is literally all over the internet and magazines, makes me super curious to watch it asap.
    I just, have no idea how actually the real rich asians live 🙂



  16. The book will be my next audiobook book purchase! I expect to be entertained, but have some ambivalent feelings about it.
    How people shop is fascinating to me.

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