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Super Chic Headphones from H&M That Won’t Break The Bank

Does anyone else find ear bud headphones annoying? On the one hand they do not take up a lot of room which is a good thing, but on the other hand I don’t find that they are super comfortable. Mainly I find they don’t stay in my ear but tend to fall out. I think it is because they are too big. I also find the headphones that come with the iPhone do not last very long, though they are great with bleed, as in no sound can be heard emanating from them when you are wearing them.

If the new iPhone does not come out soon I think my head is going to explode. By the time I do buy the new iPhone my old phone will be almost five years old, that is like 80 in people years.

My headphones have been broken or not working well for the past year and a half. And for the past year and a half I have put off buying them because I keep telling myself I am going to buy the new iPhone. I still have the 4s. First I told myself I was going to get the 5s but never did and then the 6 came out. Then I told myself I would get the 6s, but I did some research on the iPhone 7 which is rumored to have a dual lens camera, sooooo I decided to wait. It was initially rumored to be coming out in March of this year, but they are now saying September.

If the new iPhone does not come out soon I think my head is going to explode. By the time I do buy the new iPhone my old phone will be almost five years old, that is like 80 in people years. Well, I finally decided I would buy a new pair of headphones next time I was near a Apple store, but last week as I was headed out to the NYC Style Collective event I realized I had forgotten my sunnies. So I popped in to H&M to pick up a pair when I saw these oh soooo cool headphones. Yes they are a knock off of that MUCH more expensive brand we all know and love, but hey they do what they are supposed to, look super chic and they are only $29.99, works for me!


  1. So cool 😉

    Mónica Sors

  2. Cool headphone like the style and the iphone 7 should come out soon Apple know how to make us wait lol.

  3. I didn’t know H&M made headphones. Yes do they totally look like a knockoff but the price is so much better! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll have to try to find them the next time I’m at H&M. It’s incredible that you’ve had the same phone for so long. You must take very good care of it. I’m leasing a 6S now and I wouldn’t mind trading up when the 7 comes out.

  4. I think I switch headphones every few months or so. So I’d love to get some chic ones to stay cool. Thanks so much for the review <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  5. Admittedly I am too lazy and too cheap to buy cool looking headphones. But $30 isn’t too steep a price for these beauties! Lol I hope the iPhone 7 comes out soon so you don’t feel like you’re stuck with an 80 year old phone 😉


  6. What?! iPhone 7 has dual lens and coming out late this year?! I need to get my hands on it then. no kidding about iPhone earphones, eh? They usually last me right until my warranty expires and then go kaput. Sigh.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. I can’t stand ear-buds and wear real headphones, like these. Mine were designed in the Seventies and are still popular. They fold and can be stored easily, and give good sound.

  8. Love them! I like ear buds, they work for me, but these look so cool and must deliver better sound! See what happens when you lose your sunnies! 🙂
    xx, Elle

  9. this is such a super chic and cool headphone and my dear friend, Allie, you have captured it perfectly!! and I didn’t know that the brand does headphones too *_^ I believe it will take some time to hit our Malaysian shore, though.

    Haha you are so funny, again with your iPhone journey, 80 years old human years??!! hahaha
    I am not an apple fan boy like my hubs, I will be happily using my 4S if it had not been that he wanted an upgrade as they rolled them out. But I do have to admit that now that I am using 6, looking back at my 4, it looks soooooo tiny now! I first told him I can never get used with the 6 as it is so BIG, but I guess I have to eat my words now *_^

    I hope the headphones comes with great sound too, with that lovely price tag *_^ I am quite the opposite of you though. I find ear buds headphone works better for me, headphone after a while, my ears are painful. I guess it’s never too good to use headphones or get plugged in too long hours anyway. ..

    Have an amazing week, Allie!

    With love,
    Jeann | LUMINNEJ

  10. I’m actually the opposite. I treated myself to really nice headphones but find that they don’t fit into any of my bags so they just sit on my desk while I bring my old Apple ones around! But I do love how headphones like those look, they’re so very chic.


    COFFEESLAG OOTD 04/02/16

  11. These are SO chic + cool- love that they’re also affordable!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. These are super cute
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin’

  13. Love when headphones are both functional and fashionable! Xx


  14. They look super cool. But who’s the sound quality on them?


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

  15. So cool, Allie! Thanks for the tip! I hope to get them tomorrow!!! <3

    xoxo Ira

  16. I’m TERRIFIED on entering stores like H&M and F21 because they seem so busy, but for these, I may just have to make a trip! They’re gorgeous! 😀

    xo Soo | http://www.BrownEyedToast.com

  17. I like those headphones and the price!

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