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Michael Kors Kitten Heeled Black Suede Pumps Such a Chic Investment

Every one in a while I like to treat myself  to a luxurious experience. Sometimes it is a massage at a fancy salon, other times it is an expensive dinner at restaurant in Soho and sometimes it is shopping at designer boutiques. I am definitely going through withdrawals since changing jobs and leaving Soho. That said in the last few weeks I have returned twice to this lovely cobblestoned shopping mecca of a neighborhood  On one of my trips I braved the weekend crowds and set about stopping in at a number of my usual haunts such as Zara and Aldo among others. After a lot of looking but not too much buying due to the unbelievable crowds I got fed up. I saw a number of items in Zara I wanted to try on and even buy, but the aggro inducing crowds were just too off putting. I don’t get anxious in large crowds I get “aggro” I just do not have the patience. So out in to the frosty air I went. Broadway in Soho is challenging on the weekdays let alone a Saturday afternoon. I was just  about to turn off Broadway and head down a side street, which are more manageable, when the Michael Kors store caught my eye.  It’s sleek modern aesthetic set amidst the traditional architecture beckoned me with it’s upscale eye candy. Michael-kors-pumps


And after fighting with the maddening crowds this was exactly what I needed. The gleaming white walls and dark floors, and mirrored tables and lit up displays, futuristic chandeliers and vaulted ceilings were like an elixir

And after fighting with the maddening crowds this was exactly what I needed. The gleaming white walls and dark floors, and mirrored tables and lit up displays, futuristic chandeliers and vaulted ceilings were like an elixir. There was plenty of room to shop, top notch service and they were even having a sale. I eyed a number of bags but what I really was in the market for was some black pumps and they had exactly what I wanted. And yes ladies they were on sale at %40 off the $70.00 price tag which I think had been reduced from $99.00 I got quite the bargain that day. But even at full price these gorgeous kitten heeled pumps are well worth it. And having such a wonderful luxurious shopping experience is worth the extra cash. For it is the feeling of treating one self, and the feeling of acquiring a luxury item and the sense of accomplishment that is the true reward. And as they say this is priceless. So if you like these pumps as much as I do yes you can head to to Michaelkors.com to get them, but do your self a favor head to the store, trust me you just can’t reproduce this experience online.


  1. These are classic work shoes indeed, perfect investment.


  2. Those shoes are divine

  3. They are so gorgeous!! What a deal!!

  4. These pumps are definitely a fabulous investment piece! The styling options are endless since they have such a a great classic and elegant look!

  5. Wow what a deal! You totally scored with these Michael Kors beauties. And kitten heels are my total fave 🙂 Something you’ve gotta just treat yourself, you’re right!

  6. great post

    new post

  7. I like this model! I could see myself wear this pair of MKs!


  8. Love the classic design of these heels – really one great investment!


  9. I am seriously developing a thing for kitten heels, these are adorable!


  10. Gorgeous + classic pumps! Love MK!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. Those heels are a classic, good choice! Yes, I totally agree with you and cannot deal with crowds. Sad to say I’d rather pay full price than fight over sales, so total bonus that these were on sale anyway!


  12. Black pumps are so classic and timeless, and what a deal you got! Loved reading your post, it was very entertaining 🙂


  13. You’ve got to treat yourself sometimes, and those kitten heels are beautiful!

  14. That really was such a great bargain! I know black pumps are a must for sure.


  15. Love this classic design – intemporel ; -) lovely blog you have

  16. Love these heels! Definitely a great investment 🙂

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

  17. These are gorgeous, and I am so glad you enjoyed the experience of buying them. Most certainly you will enjoying owning and wearing them!
    I can not deal with the “aggro” vibe of shopping in large stores either. Love that term!
    I loved your writing, and sharing this experience Allie!
    xx, Elle

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