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The fabrics are moving, flowing and bright” says Kyle Richards of her debut line Kyle Shahida which debuted at NYFW SS2020. And indeed they are. The collection was a stunner of a debut and it was obvious a lot hard work and talent went into the looks. Color definitely stood out in this delightful lineup. With a beautiful palette of brilliant turquoise, sunny yellow, fuchsia, playful orange, cherry red, pale pink, purple and jade. Of course it was balanced by more subtle neutrals like black, gold and white.

And the palette was just the beginning: the prints stole the show with a pattern of nautical stripes festooned with a gold chained print featuring anchor and tassel charms and was the perfect choice for the long-sleeved flowing maxi dress. The nautical theme showed up on other pieces as well with a ship’s steering appearing on a rompy tennis dress and in a beautiful iridescent print which was featured on a stunning three tiered floor-length dress.

A wonderfully illustrated print of seashells caught in a fisherman’s net appeared on a number of garments: a pleated maxi skirt, a jumpsuit, and can’t be missed seashell dress. Luscious florals along with the nautical themed prints gave the lineup a sunning in San Tropez vibe, and an exquisite botanical print was a showstopper. With it’s lovely shade of pale green and delicately illustrated theme of reeds, tropical birds, palms and water lilies, it was a standout for me.

The silhouettes were feminine, flowing and relaxed, with an air of refined tranquility. The dresses moved with a beautiful ease and the tailoring on the pajama suits was impeccable. Trousers were also relaxed and effortless suggesting chic comfort on a sunny holiday. Ruffles were everywhere from shoulder adornments to multi-tired dresses and skirts. And the saucy coverups scattered through the lineup speaks to the free-spirited essence of the collection with it’s sunny disposition and easy breezy vibe. And it is this easy breezy effortlessness that is the heart of the collection: the tropical colors, painterly florals, nautical patterns and the faultless movement of the garments. So I say bravo to a most note-worthy debut.


  1. I honestly love every single look. So stunning! These prints for sure stole the show!


  2. What a cool collection! I’m in love with the long yellow/mustard dress: it’s so beautiful!
    have a great day



  3. Stunning collection!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. Such a stunning collection-I like so much this long mustard dress xx

  5. Wow, prints always make up the best portion of my closet. These set of collections are so so so nice!!!

    Blog: http://www.missdream-girl.blogspot.com

  6. wow.. so many stunning colors and prints.

  7. So many vibrant colors and prints! Love the red leather pants, they’re really chic! Xx


  8. I adore how feminine the silhouettes are with a chic nautical theme and I also appreciate the burst of colours! Beuatiful collection!

  9. Such a stunning show!!



  10. I love all of them <3!

  11. What a fun collection! These looks make me want to go on vacation someplace fabulous!

    District of Chic

  12. Amazing inspirations!!


  13. The pieces are so beautiful! I’m loving this collection 🙂
    xo Samantha

  14. Great designs dear. Kisses!

  15. Bright colours are really in this year and fabric printed with chains too. I’ll have to start wearing my Criminal Damage bomber jacket with a chain print all over it again. 😀

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