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Some of you may already be aware of this up coming “documentary” and the controversy surrounding it, but for those you that may not know, “American Blogger” is a film made and produced by the Chris Wiegand, the husband of the popular blogger Casey Weigand  behind the blog “The Wiegands”. The controversy has to do with the fact that the film is called “American” Blogger and there is a distinct lack of “American” diversity in the bloggers that are featured. Let’s start off  by saying this film is not about bloggers in general—but a specific sub set of bloggers. The film is specifically about fashion, beauty, life-style and mommy bloggers, so the lack of y-chromosome participants is not particularly surprising. However, what is surprising is the lack of female bloggers that are not white, thin, under thirty five, slightly tan, and blonde. There are a total of fifty one bloggers featured in this film and of the fifty one, two are African American, one is Asian and the other forty eight women are Caucasian. And of the forty eight Caucasian women featured,  almost half of them are blonde and are eerily similar looking to Chis Wiegand’s wife. I guess we could say he has a thing for blondes.

I do not think Chris or his wife are racists, nor do I think that they intended to create the controversy that has plagued this film. Though a little controversy can do wonders for promoting an unknown film. Because really, the only people who would be interested in watching this film are other fashion, beauty, life-style and mommy bloggers, and even many of them may not be interested in seeing this film. In fact one blogger lamented that she feels that this film will only ridicule what she does, though of course this was not the intention of the film. And for me this is where the film truly fails. It is this lack of intention, and the obvious self-absorption and lack of awareness that “America” is not just a white washed, shiny, TV commercial. Yes there are plenty of people who earn a living creating aesthetically appealing, manufactured non realities, it is called advertising. And there is nothing wrong with that in of itself, it employees a lot of people and keeps the financial world ticking along. But the issue is that this film claims to be a “documentary” and it claims to represent a slice of American female bloggers when in “reality” it is only reflecting a segment of that slice—a predetermined, chosen segment. And what is truly sad is that the filmmakers are completely unaware of this fact. And sadly I think the filmmakers along with most people are unaware of how influenced they are by the media and advertising. In fact when I do my fashion posts and my weekly Look Book Friday posts, I try to go out of my way to feature models of color, but let me tell you, it not easy  and nine times out of ten the models in the look books are white and blonde.

American Blogger - The First Journey Official Trailer from Chris Wiegand on Vimeo.

Perhaps if  the filmmakers had called the film “Blogging 2.0” with the tagline “ Life on the other side of the computer”.  And perhaps if they took a much lighter approach with their advertising and marketing, and oh I don’t know, had an actual diverse set of American female fashion, beauty, life-style, and mommy bloggers represented, this film would not be the focus of such ridicule.  And perhaps if they did not have a male “movie-narrator” voiceover claiming that these bloggers are changing the world, and perhaps if the filmmaker did not sing his own praises, and did not create a poster for the film that looks as if it is about anarchy and a political movement, it would be taken more seriously.

But this all goes back to a lack of awareness and an obvious lack of experience. The film itself may be produced beautifully and does feature some interesting, smart, and ambitious American women. I discovered some very clever and creative bogs that I do plan on visiting again.  But it seems this film missed the mark, and the chance to create a fun, light hearted, tribute to a phenomena that really is sweeping if not the world, then certainly a corner of the “internets”.  A world where anyone with ambition, talent, ideas and drive; regardless of class, race and yes gender, can make a name for themselves. So what do you think? Will you see this film? Do you think it deserves the scrutiny it has come under? To read more about the controversy regarding this film and to hear what a blogger of color has to say about it, head on over to IFB.


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  2. Lol sorry but I think this trailer is comical I can’t even take it seriously. I do recognize Cara Loren though, I don’t think I would ever watch this doc. Just by watching the trailer, I can see that he only focuses on a particular type of bloggers, a type I do not belong to of course.

  3. Interesting I agree with you not enough diversity it does not surprise me.
    How can they capture American Blogger if they did not capture the ethnicity of it.

  4. I had briefly heard about this film, but literally knew nothing about it. Personally, I find it hard to imagine someone using the term ‘American Blogger’. Bloggers are very unique – each focusing on their own culture, lifestyle, sartorial choices, and even location. I don’t think it’s possible to explore the diversity of bloggers with such a generalized title.


  5. I hadn’t heard of this documentary before your post- super curious now.

    Happy Thursday, doll!


  6. allie! i always enjoy your insight! you are so so on point lady!

  7. From what I’ve seen in the trailer they really didn’t branch out too much like you said. I have very little interest in seeing this film because I think that it’s extremely limited & lacks any sense of diversity .. it seems like this film could have really brought a broad group of people together, but they chose to stay in their comfort zone. I do follow & enjoy several of the bloggers they showcased, & will continue to do so. Thanks so much for sharing about this film, I was unfamiliar with it. Have a great day 🙂

  8. I’ve heard mixed reviews on this film and honestly haven’t had much of an interest to see it. the preview seems a little pretentious ha, with phrases like “stunning cinematography!” I’m kinda curious to see it, but the lack of diversity is pretty egregious!

  9. Wow, thank you for opening my eyes up to this. I haven’t heard of American Blogger but I’m definitely interested in seeing it now
    Have a marvelous day!

  10. Really not sure about this movie. So far I only saw the trailer but my first thought was “This is not the blogging world I know” and my second thought was “Why is he only featuring adult mommy bloggers?” xD

  11. I just saw the trailer and I’m not too sure what to think about it. Unfortunately, I don’t fit in their criteria of a blogger. I’m not a mom and white. :/


  12. Great post, Allie! Well-written and thank you so much for highlighting the issues with this documentary. It’s a shame and I probably won’t watch it.


  13. Definitely interested (and appreciative of your opinion) – thankfully it is only one interpretation and there will be many more to come. Hopefully more diverse ones! xo

  14. I would be very interested in seeing this documentary. I agree there needs to be more diversity, representation and opportunities for minorities when it comes to blogging. There’s such a lack of it, that it really bothers me. I’m african-american, and I can’t name one african-american SUPER BLOGGER. I follow Girl With Curves, but I’m not sure of her ethnicity (LOVE HER). I don’t have a problem with the title American Blogger. His focus is here in the States. I wouldn’t have a problem with British Blogger etc. You have to have a focus group. He could’ve been more diverse in representing a variety of ethnicities. I think the focus was more on type of blogger. No one is ever satisfied. HaHaHa If he had 5 Caucasians, someone would say “he picked all brunettes or blondes.” LOL If he had 5 african-americans, someone would say, “they’re not black enough” etc.

  15. I hadn’t heard of this, now I am curious. But I probably won’t watch it! Great post!

  16. thanks for sharing that information! i hadn’t heard of this before, so it’s great to get the insight

  17. Wow! I had no clue this even existed. I really agree with idea of ‘lack of diversity.’ Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am following via Bloglovin’

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  18. I’m still not sure if I’d watch it, but I’m glad that you shared this with us. Pointing the details out there of this movie was a good thing to do 😉

  19. I hadn’t heard about this doco but damn I am so interested in it now. To learn what all the fuss is about and to see how bloggers are shown here, I guess how I interpret the whole thing. Interesting how the majority are thin and blonde however.


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