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NYFW My Style Look #1

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Whew busy with my NYFW vlogs but now I am finally able to share with you my first look for NYFW. This fashion week I only wore one brand new item: a hat I bought on sale at Zara. Everything else this season I either thrifted or shopped my closet. For this look I wore sunnies from Bottega Veneta which I picked up at sample sale at a former job. The scarf I bought so long ago I can not recall where I got it, and the sixties style patent bomber I got at Zara about four years ago; I wore it on my very first trip to Paris, so needles to say it holds fond memories for me. The skirt was thrifted at Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn and the boots I bought about six years ago are from Cole Haan…

What I Wore to NYFW—Neiman Marcus, Welden Bags and Stepping Out in Style

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Yes, another Fashion Week has come and gone and this was one for me was busier then ever. With a full-time job in publishing, maintaing a blog on a daily basis, and attending a whirl wind of events during NYFW I was, needless to say feeling a bit frazzled. But, I had a brief respite from the harried frenziness otherwise known as my life, when I headed to the Caravan Stylist Studios at the Gregory Hotel to get my hair and makeup done.