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A French Connection Flared White Lace Skirt and a Fun Look for Summer

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his is officially the second midi skirt that I own. I picked it up last month at another sale they were having at the French Connection in Soho. They were having an additional forty percent off the sale price so I ended up paying $39.99 for this skirt. It is still on sale and they are having an additional seventy percent off plus free shipping, but you have to enter your email address to get the sale code.

A Beautiful Illustrated Tote From Anthropologie and My Answer to too Much Black

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eing a consummate New Yorker I wear a lot of black. Black clothes, black shoes, black coats, black accessories, but when summer roles around the last thing I feel like doing is carrying around a heavy black bag. Last week I spoke about the blush suede bag I picked up at Zara, well here is a beauty that I picked up at Anthropologie a few weeks ago and you will not believe how much I paid for this stunner.

Spring’s Eden, Anthropologie, and a Light but Effective Hand Cream—Perfect for Summer

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like many in our population, suffer from dry skin and even had this problem as a kid. Seems this is something that funs in our family and can be rather a pain to deal with. But luckily along with antioxidants, using hand cream and body lotion and oils keeps this problem at bay. During the summer months the problem is not quite as intense

Zadig & Voltaire “Arty, Rock and Gipsy” for Lookbook Friday

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K, I just may have been living under a rock, but up until a few days ago I had not heard of the fashion brand Zadig and Voltaire. And get this—there is Zadig & Voltaire store a few towns away from where I live, in a mall! Um what? Seriously where have I been? Perhaps it is because Zadig & Voltaire are a french based company and originated in Europe,

HD in Paris, a Quilted Yellow Skirt and a Sale at Anthropologie — My Best Deal of the Year

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hen was the last time you bought a skirt for $8.00? Can you remember? Well for me it was two weeks ago during a sale at Anthropologie. They were having a 20% off the lowest price sale and this skirt was marked down from $128 to $70.00 to $9.95. With the additional 20% off, that’s right, you heard it correctly, this skirt was a whopping $8.00. It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I receive so many compliments when I wear it, three people I work with stopped me to tell me they liked my skirt

A Michael Kors Parker, a warm fuzzy hat, and a Day at the Park

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es winter is here and with it comes cold temperatures, gray days and parks that are closed. This park has a cute little dog park with in it and beautiful dog statue. My friend Laurie and I wanted to shoot around the statue but alas this section of the park was closed. It could have been that it was thanksgiving day weekend, or maybe it is just closed during the winter months, but we had to settle for shooting outside the dog park, oh well there is always summer. And as you can see I am most certainly not wearing a summer outfit. We are talking full on winter bundling here.