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With summer comes repeated trips to the beach. And spending a day a the beach requires in addition to sunscreen and a good suit, lots to nosh on and plenty of H2O. I would always stop at the nearest convince store closest to the beach to pick up bottled water and throw it in my bag before I headed to the shore. But after only an hour the water would get warm and after another hour it would get down right hot. It would also sweat and make everything in my bag a bit wet. But hot or not I drank the water, often wondering how many chemicals I was ingesting from the heated up plastic. When I was finished I would take the bottle home to recycle it and was dismayed at how many plastic bottles I was using.

She loved it because it didn’t sweat, was light which makes it easy to carry around, and it keep her water cold

Well a few weeks ago when I was in line at Long Beach to buy my summer pass I started chatting with the young woman behind me in line. She was from Michigan and lived in Long Beach and worked as a nurse in East Rockaway. She chose to live in Long Beach so she could fully enjoy the New York shores, and she visited the beach a few times a week. I noticed the bottle she had and inquired about it, and she said it was great to bring to the beach. She loved it because it didn’t sweat, was light, which makes it easy to carry around, and it kept her water cold.

I had heard of S’well before and knew that people were going gaga over their “bottles”, but I didn’t realize that they were actually thermoses. I thought they were just bottles. Once I found that they kept liquids hot or cold I knew I had to have one. So the very next day I headed to the new Starbucks in my neighborhood and picked up this gorgeous sea foam green bottle. The young woman I had chatted with had one in a similar color and this was one of things I liked about the bottle she had, so when I saw this one I did a little dance in my head.

The bottles are limited editions and perfect for the summer season

This bottle or should I say thermos is a collaboration between Starbucks, S’well and up and coming artists. This particular bottle features the art of Kelsey Montague. I adore the quirky illustration and the angle wings design. The bottles are limited editions and perfect for the summer season. So do hurry in to your local Starbucks as these will not last long. In fact the last time I was there, the sea foam green bottles were no longer available, and they are now displayed in a pale blue. Don’t you love when art and commerce come together? I know I do!


  1. Oh that’s such a cute bottle! 🙂 I have a stainless steel water bottle I carry with me everywhere, but an insulated one would come in handy in summer! I do have an thermos style mug for my hot chocolates so makes sense to get one for my water too! 🙂 Our local starbucks might not have these until summer though, ha!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend! It was so cold here, winter has really hit!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Hey Allie, hope you’re enjoying summer! I was off for a few weeks but now I’m back and it is always good to take a look at your content!

    Good to see that you enjoyed your stay at Long Beach, West Coast is always a good option especially for beach escapades. And the thing I love about Starbucks (even tho it is not that famous in Europe) is that they are always trying new things related with design and art, for example this bottle is so beautiful and now they launched a collection of nice stuff in collaboration with Shop Bando (one of my favorite brands in LA).

    Best from Barcelona!

  3. The intersection of art and commerce can create some really cool things. This bottle is not only practical, it also looks terrific. I’ve been toting my Corkickle bottle around and I may just get one from S’well to change things up a bit.

  4. I have seen these bottle around but never bought one! I’ll have to look into getting one for myself.

  5. Love these! I haven’t seen these before, so pretty xx


  6. Never seen before. I will apply it soon.

  7. I love how Starbucks always tries to experiment with their designs and collaborate with art a lot! This limited edition water bottle has me sold, I definitely am getting this!
    Wishing you an amazing start to the week!
    Ankita | Real Girl Talks

  8. I love the design of this bottle.
    If I was working I would definitely love to have theses kinds of bottle.

  9. Oh very interesting darling


  10. Sounds really interesting) Thanks a lot for sharing!

  11. I know about S’well bottles. I almost bought a golden one last year or so. I like when brands do collabs with artists. Starbucks seems to keep this up in their partnering initiatives.

  12. That is such a chic water bottle, well done Starbucks! I love the color, I love the print…I really just need one!

  13. Oh! I was the exact same, I had no idea the bottles were also thermoses; that helps me to understand the hype a little more haha 🙂 I love the pretty illustration on this bottle; there are some fabulous design collaborations going around right now, that’s for sure 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely week so far!

    aglassofice.com x

  14. Thanks for the interesting post! Have a nice weekend)

  15. Thanks for the reminder to stay hydrated during hot weather.

  16. This looks really cute; illustration is awesome. I’d love to have this.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  17. The bottle looks so cute! I really want to have it now. And besides who doesn’t love Starbucks

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