Rick Owens SS2020 @ThePalaisdeTokyo

Today I am sharing with you Rick Owen’s SS2020 show at The Palais de Tokyo. I love attending his shows and always feel like I had an experience as opposed to just attending a fashion show. This past seasons sentiment was decidedly more optimistic then the show I went to in fall of 2018; the flaming torches were replaced with free swirling bubbles. But, that said, I could not help but notice a vaguely Hand Maidens Tale element to the lineup. Not your average designer, Rick Owens always seems to have is creative finger on the pulse of what is happening in the social conscience of our collective mind fuck.

His clothes may not be for everyone but everyone should be able to appreciate his artistic vision and choosing to go his own way and not apologize. Never commercial and fiercely independent, he has a dedicated following that helps him to be widely successful for someone who creates clothing that is so outside the main stream. Again you can see me filming, you can see me at 10:46, this time I am standing up against the column next the women in the white coat. I was exhausted as this was towards the end of Fashion Week and I had been standing for about two and half hours waiting for the show to start. I got there early to make sure I could see the show unobstructed, and like most fashion shows it started late; in this case about forty minutes late. But even though I felt like I had permanent nerve damage in my feet, and was crammed between a metal gate, a stone column and a gaggle of spectators, it was totally worth it.

What do you think?

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Rick Owens SS2020 @ThePalaisdeTokyo