NYFW FALL 2018 Vlog

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Here it is my NYFW Vlog. This is the first video I edited in Final Cut Pro! Took me a bit longer to edit as I was teaching myself Final Cut Pro but I love using this software. Much more intuitive then I was expecting especially if you are familiar with Photoshop. This video covers my fashion filled week from the shows to shooting street style. It is a bit long at 27 minutes but there was a lot to cover. Whew! What’s next? A feature length documentary? Hey you never know. So pull up a chair and grab a cup of joe and lets do this!

  • Valerie
    March 14, 2018

    Wow, it looks like it was such a fun fashion week! Thanks for sharing this great video!


  • Rowena
    March 15, 2018

    I told you this already but your hair is looking really good! Oh you included our event at the Crosby Hotel ;p It was fun to see your fashion week adventures since I wimped out and didd’t make it any shows. I really wanted to meet up at Katie Gallagher but then I ended up taking a brand meeting with Oskia instead.

  • Mica
    March 15, 2018

    Thanks for sharing! There is so much to cram into fashion week, I can see why your video was so long! 🙂 Good job on the editing too. I’d love to try more editing, I don’t have any fancy software, but I’m trying to get better at using the free version my computer came with! 🙂

    Hope you are having a good week so far 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Lorna
    March 15, 2018

    Thanks for sharing your fashion week round up! Going to watch it now!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • stylefrontier
    March 15, 2018

    love it dear! looks like you had fun
    style frontier

  • Ashley
    March 15, 2018

    You crushed NYFW! Love seeing this bts look at your week, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • jasna
    March 15, 2018

    Looks like such a fabulous fashion week 🙂 xx

  • Panty Buns
    March 15, 2018

    The necklaces, scarf, sweater, and your hair near the beginning of your video all looked pretty. It was fun seeing / watching your adventures, friends, outfits, excerpts from the fashion shows and all the street-style I watched the entire 27 minutes and 58 seconds of your video titled NYFW Fall 2018 Vlog | Alicia Mackin – YouTube and loved it.. I loved the pink colour of the back half of the pink-backed and black+white checkerboard-front dress at around 10:46 of the video and several of the other colours and designs of the skirts and dresses in the Adrian Alicea collection. The Mirochoa collection starting around 16:42 had some very pretty designs – I love the look of the fabrics. I also love the Coco + Ilia in-vogue underwear and outerwear design at around 19:00 of the video. Your eye-makeup looked very pretty at 19:12+ and your day four OOTD starting at 20:00. You really squeezed a lot into your video!

  • Vika
    March 15, 2018

    As usual your post is great! Have a nice weekend)

    March 16, 2018

    What a lovely video, and it’s so great to see Rowena and you together. I always like to see behind the scenes so thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend, darling!

  • Denise
    March 16, 2018

    Loved your vlog, dear Allie, and the lobby was really cool to wait for someone! That gorgeous jacket for 60 dollars? W-o-w! I loved your hair, by the way! Loved the shot “while waiting for pizza” 🙂 I really like how you showed us part of the Fashion Week, it’s so cool! Hope you have a very lovely weekend!

  • Nancy
    March 16, 2018

    Love how you edited the video! With more practice, you’ll push out videos faster than ever. Love how you were detailed with your outfit. Love the choice of your scarf :). Being able to witness a fashion show in person looks exciting! You are right about it sounding like a club!


  • Akaleistar
    March 16, 2018

    Fantastic video! Looks like you had a fun time at fashion week 🙂

  • Nicole
    March 16, 2018

    I loved this vlog! I’ll have to finish watching this later with some coffee 🙂 keep vlogging!! I love these!

    Nicole | http://www.nicolegramcko.com

  • Yasmin
    March 16, 2018

    Wow it’s so fun when you’ve taught yourself new skills. Video turned out great!

    xx Yasmin

  • Missy May
    March 16, 2018

    I haven’t use final cut since I graduated from University. I don’t even remember where to start. Lol!! You did a great job Allie. Great video! Love your print jacket (such a cool bargain) and surely looks like great shows.


  • Elegant Duchess
    March 17, 2018

    there was certainly a lot to cover, you did such a good job xx

  • Violette
    March 17, 2018

    I loved the vlog and the collections look amazing! I hope you had the best time!


  • Nikki Living Life
    March 17, 2018

    You did a great job with the video. Final cut is such a great software skill to have. Thank you for sharing your NYFW experience. The video is so much better than pictures. Your style is perfection. I adore the pattern mixing and your accessories.


  • Vika
    March 18, 2018

    Looks very interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing)

  • Miki
    March 19, 2018

    What an awesome vlog diary. I always wish I documented my own trips to fashion week over the years like this. All your looks are fab!

    Have a great week!


  • Jessica
    March 20, 2018

    What a fabulous show! Your video looks so much fun! Thanks for sharing this dear!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

NYFW FALL  2018 Vlog