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Kendall Jenner and The Estee Edit a New Attitude to Beauty

I don’t know what I love more makeup or fashion. Though anyone who knew me in high school would cock an eye brow at this declaration. In high school I was not what you would call a girlie girl. I was a bit of an outsider, a rebel if you will, though I always wore makeup and um my brand of fashion—think Claire Danes in My So Called Life. But whatever your beauty and fashion style aspires too, it is all about attitude and as they say attitude is everything. So you can just image how excited I am with Estee Lauder’s new project The Estee Edit sold exclusively at Sephora. The Estee Edit wants to disrupt the beauty status quo and shake it up with a new three pronged approach to today’s makeup attitudes; with edgy super pigmented products, the barest light washes of color and…I saved the best for last. The guest editors which are beauty and fashion influencers (yes insert blogger of the moment here) and a two way conversation between the brand and their users. Cool right?

I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these uber fascinating sounding products…Pore Vanishing Stick, Flash Photo Gloss and Beam Team Hydrate Oh La La let’s get glowing!


  1. I love their makeup and now knowing they update it with awesome ingredients this makeup is an item to add to my everyday.

  2. I reviewed the Pore Vanishing Stick on my blog last month. A fun collection, for sure.

  3. I just saw this line at Sephora but I didn’t pick anything up. I really want to try the Pore Vanishing Stick. Guess I am gonna have to a swing by Sephora again and check it out.

  4. What an interesting description of your youth. I wish I knew you then. Actually, I wish I knew you now! Someday we have to get together and talk over coffee.

  5. The packaging looks pretty cool! I don’t think I’ll be checking this line out because I don’t care for either Irene or Kendall who are endorsing it.

  6. Ooo, this collab does sounds really interesting, Ali! I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the products when you get them.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. Flash photo glosses, ya got me already! I love that fashion and make p is interactive with the public at large via social media, more so with celebs, but bloggers have some power, too. ( I am just not one of them, and I am fine with that)
    Claire Danes, got it, fabulous!
    \\xx, Elle

  8. Wow , it’s amazing that she is out with her new line of makeup. Great post.


  9. I’m definitely interested in trying the Pore Vanishing Stick and Flash Photo Gloss!

  10. such a cool collab!


  11. When I was at school I didn’t wear makeup at all, zero, nothing… I was so naive and not exposed to makeup… I do understand the kind of “rebel” you were, it’s part of school 🙂 I am so glad that you showed the Estee edit – I so want this stick, it sounds great! I hope it’s not sold out! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  12. I can’t say that I was even aware of this but I did note a lot of Estee Lauder hype around social media lately. I think this is a fabulous collaboration, definitely going to appeal to a lot of age groups. I’ll have to look into it more, if it’s going to be available over here that is, because Sephora AU sucks balls. Nowhere near as wonderful selection as the rest of the world :o|


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