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Got Print the Promotional Experts, an Affordable Way to Take Your Brand to the Next Level


G ranted much of what we do as bloggers is done online but nothing beats a statement making business card. Although Bryan Boy claimed at the last Lucky FABB conference in New York that business cards are obsolete, it is still one of the easiest ways to swap information when meeting people face to face. And today the process could not be any easier or more affordable. I ordered a thousand custom business cards at Got Print for roughly $30.00 and that included shipping! Yes, I am a graphic designer so I was able to design my own card, but even if you hire a graphic designer via their site, this is still one of the most affordable ways to get business cards for your brand. You can also design your business cards yourself directly on their website if you feel confident enough. I ordered the heavier 16 pt paper with a matte finish and simple square corners. They also offer rounded corners and a high gloss finish. And they now have a new 24 pt paper called Trifecta. It features a triple layer of paper with a green middle layer and smart white paper. Super luxe, and very impressive.



If you are not a graphic designer and do not have a lot of money consider hiring a graphic design student in their last year of school. You can check out the local schools in your area and contact their design program if they have one, and see if they can put you in contact with their students. Or you could put an ad up on Craigslist, or research graphic artist services on Etsy like this one, which will probably offer you more sophisticated design options then you will find on the Got Print site. But which ever way you chose to go, it is a new year and the perfect time to take your brand to the next level, and you don’t have to break the bank to achieve your goals. In this DIY online world anything is obtainable, and nothing can stop us from looking our professional best.

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  1. I think BryanBoy is wrong while they are not a requirement but it is the quickest way to swap infos.


  2. Great way to promote your website.

  3. I love your business cards! So fab!!

  4. these are beautiful! super chic and luxe!

  5. Cool cards! I just ordered a new batch from Moo but I’ll have to remember Got Print for next time.

  6. Great business cards. I agree, I don’t think that business cards are obsolete, I still use them especially aside from blogging. I remember when I was in design school a bunch of us partnered together to save costs on portfolio printing–partnering with a photographer and graphic designer is the way I would go if you don’t have much to spend, a great way to network as well.
    Foodie Style

  7. I hate to, but have to, disagree with Bryan Boy. I think business cards are definitely a necessity if you want to be taken seriously. In my line of work you are constantly asked for a business card, and if you say you don’t have one you are looked at like an amateur. I have, in my experience, found blogging to be the same. Definitely going to have to check this site out for my next round:).

    xx Cara

  8. Your cards came out great! Business cards are not obsolete..especially when networking in any industry!


  9. Your cards are fabulous!

  10. I kind of agree (to an extent) with Bryan Boy. They kind of aren’t necessary these days but I still love the idea of them, handing them out and collecting them myself. I guess one day when they do get phased out and replaced with electronic apps or something along those lines, I wonder if we’ll miss them like we do now with snail mail?


  11. This is such a great idea. I have been meaning to put together business cards for myself and this website seems great! Thank you so much for sharing. And your cards look fabulous!

  12. oh wow! that is such a lovely and cool way to promote your website!


  13. What a great idea! I love how your cards came out. They’re so chic and professional!

  14. Your cards look so cool! Actually, I was thinking about making the business cards not that long ago, maybe I should implement it.


  15. I use MOO for my business cards but this website sounds very intriguing and the amount of cards you got for such a cheap price is amazing! I’ll definitely check them out. By the way, I seriously love the ways your turned out!

  16. Your business cards are gorgeous!! Love them!


  17. Hi lovely, I am back, I recently move to Europe, Italy to be exact and the packing and all was very exhausting but I checking all your fab post now! I might not be able to go to ss nyfw but I will be reporting from Italy! have a lovely weekend! xx
    PS. great business cards.

  18. Wow! Lovely cards there, Allie. Simply chic.

    I can’t seem to make a comment on your previous blog post, so am gonna leave it here. I love Garance’s work and I think she is one of the most talented women photographers around, in terms of capturing women at their best. Coupled with her illustration background, she makes each picture a visual presentation that is never contrive, but always interesting as I feel her main focus is always the subject whom she is capturing.

    Gosh! I don’t think I can even survive one whole day in heels, at least, I won’t make an attempt to do so, for now, as comfort is still my priority and I rather not kill myself along the way, doing that, in heels. Having said that, a pair of good heels does accentuate the whole woman figure and makes one feel extra confident and sensual.

    Most definitely!

    Great post. Hope you are having a great weekend there.

    Big hugs,

  19. I have been on the fence about creating a name card for my blog. I’m not sure if it’ll help me especially when I am located in a very small town in Canada and I have yet to attend any blogger events here. I attended one back in Malaysia and wished I had name cards ready.

    Thank you for this post, I think I will get myself some name cards soon, it’s a great way to introduce myself to the local business here too.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

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