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Bumble & Bumble’s New Version of Don’t Blow It, Keepin it fiz free

Last summer I wrote about Bumble & Bumble’s leave in conditioning styler called Don’t Blow It. This styling product was designed to work with warmer more humid air and it is intended to give finished looking hair sans dryer. No it may not make you look like a blow out exactly but it will make your look fuller and smoother with out the aid of a hair dryer.

This year Bumble & Bumble have a new version for for thicker or courser hair. My hair is not thick—at least not anymore, it was when I was a kid and in my teens but it has since thinned out a bit. But my hair can still be a bit on the wiry side.

I will keep you posted on my experience with the new version, I am hoping for great results

So I decided to try out this version. It may be to heavy for my hair but I am excited to try as I really liked the original version. I picked it up today on my lunch break—there is a Sephora across the street from the office I work in—oh boy! I will keep you posted on my experience with the new version, I am hoping for great results. And how do you handle your hair when when it is super hot and humid?


  1. Do let us know how this works for you. I tried a deluxe sample of the Don’t Blow It and it didn’t work that well for me. Maybe this one would be better since my hair is thick and has a tendency to be unruly.

  2. I look forward to your review. I like to let my hair jar dry in the summer, then I comb it for 10 minutes,and this helps straighten and. Smooth my hair. When it is almost dry, I twist it in in a sock in a spiral pattern. Depending on how my fingers behave, I can get really nice, shiny curls this way…. with no product at all. ( tension from combing and twisting)
    That said, this product might be a tad easier , and I like my natural waves… so thanks !
    Xx, Elle

  3. When it’s hot and humid, I usually handle my hair by crying. Seriously, nothing works. So I’ll be looking forward to your review of this!

  4. This sounds like a great product to help us avoid using hair dryers! I stopped using a hair dryer at the beginning of the summer when it became warm enough to let my hair dry naturally, and it really does make such a difference! have a lovely week 🙂


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