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A non surgical nose job—Really, it’s a thing.

Happy mid-week everyone. Yes we are half way through the week and halfway through the summerI know I should be sad about this but truth be told, I am kind of not. And I am kind of over sweating and being hot all the time. Thank God the office I work in is like a meat locker—I love it. Any how, today I had wanted to share a video I shot last weekend when I went to City Point in Brooklyn. However, thanks to Canon I got a bit of a late start so I couldn’t finish it before I had to leave for an appointment. Ugh.

When I woke up this morning the thought occurred to me that I did not recall seeing a USB cord in the box with the G7X. So after my coffee I reached for the guide book that came with the camera and had to flip all they way to the end for the “Connect With Wifi” section—Oh God, *insert eye roll here*. I have to connect wirelessly? I did not see this going well, and sure enough it did not work.

I got through all the steps which took about 45 minutes and then the camera could not “find a device” and by device I mean my computer. Apparently it is a problem with the OX Yosemite. Um OK. Luckily there is a Best Buy a five minute drive away so I popped over and picked up a micro USB port for $14.99.

It took me a whooping ten seconds to plug in the USB and then the videos downloaded quickly without a problem.

Seriously if Canon can’t get it together to make sure it’s software works with all operating systems it should at least include a $15.00 USB cord with the camera. I mean, really? That said though, I still think a USB is better then transferring wirelessly. It took me a whooping ten seconds to plug in the USB and then the videos downloaded quickly without a problem. So if you buy this camera be sure to also pick up a micro USB cord.

So instead, today I will sharing with you a video I have been wanting to share with you from another popular vlogger named Lydia. She has found wild success with her vlogging and she is know for being very open and upfront in her videos, which is kind of an anomaly for a Brit.

I would have not believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes

In this video she speaks candidly about not being %100 entirely pleased with her profile. And she takes us along on her…wait for it. Non surgical nose job. A what? Is this thing? Apparently it is. You have to watch this video. It is a bit long, but Lydia is also quite engaging so it goes fast.

But I was stunned by the difference, or more pointedly that there was a difference, and all the doctor did was give her an injection in her nose. I don’t get it. I don’t get how this works. They do not go in to detail on the hows, but wow, I would have not believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. The intern at work said she had heard of this. Crazy. Let me know what you think. What’s next? I can only imagine.


  1. That non-surgical nose job is astounding! The advances being made in the field of cosmetic surgery are astounding! Can’t wait to watch your City Point video. I might visit this weekend.

  2. Looking forward to City point Video thank you for sharing

  3. Very interesting! I didn’t know there was a non-surgical option.

  4. That’s so annoying about your Canon! That kind of stuff just drives me crazy. I have actually heard of the non-surgical nose job before…although originally I thought you were talking about good old fashioned contouring! Gosh I wish I had a British accent. I feel like it would make me like AT LEAST 30% sexier.

  5. It is early here so I can’t listen to this yet, but I am so intrigued! I am sorry about your frisratimg experience with your new canon, but I am g,ad it was fixed after all !
    Xo, Elle

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