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NYFW Fall 2020 Vlog Part One

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Here is part one of my NYFW Fall 2020 vlog. I decided to post the my NYFW coverage in two parts. In this video which is about twenty minutes long, covers the first couple of days. Personally, I prefer longer videos as when I am on YouTube I like to settle in and not have to keep searching for something to watch every ten minutes. But an hour is a bit long and I did’t want my computer to start smoking when I exported the video. At any rate, I take you to the shows at Spring Studios and Pier 59 as well as what I got up to between the shows. And stayed tuned for Part two coming next week.

A Glimpse of Paris Fashion Week Street Style SS2020

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Today I am sharing with you some photos from a couple of street style photographers I met in Paris. I ran in to them at number of shows and we teamed up and went a few shows together and had lunch together as well for which Olivier the French photographer treated us. The other photographer I met is named John and he is from Canada. It was fun shooting with them and makes shooting street style that much more enjoyable.


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A new week and we are back to covering what I love best—fashion and street style. I shot these photos outside the Coach show and for those of you that watched my vlog about New York Fashion Week, may have caught a glimpse of the craziness. Yes it was a bit crazy, but I have to share with you all, that I love it! I love all the commotion and the excitement