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With the global heat wave sweeping across the world, it seems everyone is chopping at the bit for the brisk cold air of fall. Well it seems this ways off for most of us, but that time when we get those occasional cool days and nights—the ones that show for a day or too admits the heat and humidity are the perfect days for some pre fall attire.

A Mango Winter Coat, A J Crew Sweater and a Fun Winter Look

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I have been wanting to pick up a non body con coat for quite some time now. I have a couple of winter coats that are form fitting which I do like, but it can make wearing blazers and bulky sweaters a bit difficult. So when I spied this extra long double breasted man tailored coat at Mango, I knew I had to have it.

A Textured Vest From Mango—Put Your Best Vest Forward

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Yes Fall is finally here in NY and one of the things I love to do when the weather is so delightfully crisp and inviting is to stroll the streets of Soho on my lunch break. Seriously girls it does’t get any better then this. I love to people watch, window shop and get inspired by all the wonderful street style around me.

Spring Coats and a Girl Who Can’t Make Up Her Mind, What Do You Look For in a Spring Coat?

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pring is finally here in NY and I am so ready to do a little spring shopping. I feel like after the major spring cleaning that I did a few weeks ago I should reward myself with a little spring shopping. I got a fairly nice tax return and even had a dream I went out shopping and spent $500…well I will not be doing that, but I will be purchasing a spring coat. As I have spoken about before on the blog I struggle with coats—it seems they never quite fit right, t