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Seven Crash fall 2018 for the nolcha shows for NYFW

Seven Crash was the second collection to walk for the Nolcha Shows and the Collective Runway held at 4PM. A Chinese street wear label that launched just five years ago, Seven Crash is making quite a name for itself in the street wear circuit.

Seven Crash is crashing headlong in to the not to distant future

Enchi Shen the founder and designer behind Seven Crash has a degree in classical art which she earned in Milan. Looking very much towards the future this collection abolishes classic tradition and embraces the new art reflected in street culture and a rebellious almost dystopian aesthetic. With a bold and unbridled athos of fashion as art and art as commerce, Seven Crash is crashing headlong in to the not to distant future.

Head to toe straight to camera photos  Moniker Fidler and ringside photography by ALLIE NYC


  1. Cool collection and style!

    The Style Collector

    1. Yes very cool and it as even cooler in person

  2. I love this so much! It’s so different to the mainstream of obnoxiously oversized labels. This has such a strong identity and oodles of personality. I hadn’t heard about this designer before and I do hope we will be seeing much more


    1. It does have a strong voice and personality. I see a bright future for this designer

  3. Very modern but I like it 🙂

    1. Me too!

  4. Woow such a different fashion show !
    Very original.

    1. I know so nice to see so much originality

  5. Wow these are so futuristic and space like!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Yes they certainly are futuristic

  6. It’s very interesting that the designer has a background in classical art since this collection is anything but classic. It has a distinctly futuristic feel that is very cool/

  7. I know so true, I noticed that too.

  8. What an interesting vibe this collection imparts. Very futuristic and avant-garde. I admire the locks although I can’t see myself wearing any these pieces. This designer is an interesting person and I’m curious to see how his work changes over time. Thanks for sharing this .

  9. Not the kind of things I would wear but definitely and interesting and futuristic proposal that goes beyond the limits, I could imagine many of these looks in a Vetements or a Balenciaga campaign

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