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NYFW SS 2017 Pre-Events to Kick off This Season

















Yes we are in full swing with NYFW, it has been a whirl wind of events and shows thus far and today I am sharing with you a few of the events I attended. The first event was the Shop Style Social House event. Held the weekend before Fashion Week it is a gathering of influencers and others in the fashion know, and it is a chance to mingle, meet other influencers and most importantly—borrow clothes for Fashion Week. Cool right? There is also makeup and hair stations and some pretty nifty swag. Held on the 25th floor of the Glass House in NYC, we were also treated to stunning skyline views. It was hard to tear myself away but I due to be at The Hot2Adopt Feline Fashion Lounge.

The campaign also seeks to free cat owners from the negative stereotype so they can proudly show off their love of cats

Hot2Adopt is a campaign to change the unfair traditional stereo type of the weird, loner cat lady, and show that plenty of socially robust, fashionably fabulous smart women (and gents) are cat lovers and owners. The campaign also seeks to free cat owners from the negative stereotype so they can proudly show off their love of cats, but more importantly by over-turning this less then desirable cat-owner stigma the campaign hopes this will lead to higher levels of cat adoptions. And if the Hot2Adopt Fashion Week event was any measure I would say this stigma was blown out of the water. With Katie Cassidy hosting the event, a runway show, and a room filled with fashionably clad influencers all donning black sequined cat ears there was nothing weird or nerdy about this super chic event. To read more about the campaign head to PR News Wire. And the event was also a success with plenty of kittens and cats being adopted. And if you live in the NY area and are interested in adopting a cat head to The Humane Society of New York and happy Fashion Week everyone!



  1. This its an awesome event and so happy to read it was successful with the adoption of cats so many need a home. Great post Allie.

  2. The events looks all so much fun! Hope you’re having the best time at fashion week! Xx


  3. Cool event. Love the cat-ears!

  4. What a fun event to get to attend. Love that you can borrow clothes, so fun. You attend the best events.

  5. Hot2Adopt sounds like a really cool initiative Hopefully they will be successful in changing up negative stereotypes as well as find more homes for cats who need them. I attended an event at the Glass House earlier this year. That place is awesome.

  6. Love the cat ears! I wish I had the time to look after a cat but I don’t want to take on this responsibility right now. I’m feeding a stray cat though and somehow it feels like it’s mine even though it’s not living at my place.


  7. I don’t think cat lovers has a stigma to them but that’s just me. I personally think there are people who take everything to the extreme (hoarders, 300 cats or 300 dogs or birds) but there cases are few. I think cats are adorable even though I am more of a dog person. That is a really lovely event though and those cats look so happy with all the given attentions.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Everyone looks super stylish and I love the hot 2 adopt campaign 🙂 xx

  9. The Hot2Adopt Feline Fashion Lounge sounds amazing!

  10. Must be fun to attend these events. Can’t wait to see more of your posts.


  11. What a lovely event; I can’t imagine a better location for the event (especially with skyline views)! Seriously, there are SO many outfits worn in this post making my heart flutter 🙂 So much inspiration…


  12. So glad the Hot2adopt event was successful, It is so sad to think of abandoned animals!
    The other event looked like fun, everyone getting dressed up for a busy week, and looking super chic!
    xx, Elle

  13. Looks like such an amazing event and I love that they’re trying to reverse the crazy cat lady stereotype! Quite right too! Haha xx


  14. How fun! NYFW always looks like the busiest + best time!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. Sounds like you had great time at these events.

  16. Those kitten ears and tees are the cutest Allie! Hot2Adopt is awesome! So glad you’re covering these events. I wouldn’t see otherwise. Very nice.

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