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Negris Lebrum SS 2022 For NYFW

Tucked away on vibrant West Eight street, the Spring Summer 2022 show for Negris Lebrum was held at Atrium In the West Village on the evening of September eleventh. This much buzzed about show was well attended with strict measures including masks being given out at the door and a thorough check in procedure. Champagne was served lending a celebratory air to the event and helped to relax attendees as they waited for the show to begin. When the show started about twenty minutes after the scheduled time, the audience was not disappointed.

The lineup commenced with standout black and white ensembles emblazoned with the Negris Lebrum logo, from fitted shorts sets, to a sporty mini dress, a polo styled pull over, tube socks, and an over-sized tote. Along side this was a white and black plaid textile that was used in two-piece suits as well as a variety of jumpsuits often accompanied by contrasting black and white plaid hand bags. A graphic sweater in a black knit with stark white emblazoned statements from the BLM movement was a show stopper to be sure. To read more head to Hauturely.com  


  1. I am loving the texture and woven colours of the fabric of the overalls in the first photo, of the pocketed shirt-dress in the header photo and last photo, and of the plunging V-necked jumpsuit in the 4th photo. I also love the soft silky wrap-layered tie-die look of the dress (or is it a coord outfit?) in the second photo and the satiny sheen of the (I really should learn the names of different colours better) dress in the sixth photo and the sleeveless mini-dress in the second to last photo.
    It looks like a delightful Spring Summer 2022 runway show!

    1. It has been so far. I think it is a dress. It is nice NYFW is getting back to normal.

  2. Love this collection! xx

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  3. Thanks and keep sharing great content.

    Hijab-style – How To Wear Your Favorite T-Shirt

  4. Lovely collection ♥


  5. So many amazing looks!

    Curated By Jennifer

  6. Impressive collection! Love these styles.

  7. Very cool collection! I adore the colorful tweed.


  8. That tartan is amazing! love the mix of colours and I really like that first outfit pic especially! 🙂

    Hope you are having a good week 🙂 It’s a rainy one here!

  9. What an amazing show, Allie! I really like the overalls. The colors are so pretty! Hope you’re having a great week!


  10. Olá!
    Amei alguns looks, principalmente o primeiro macacão e o vestido que amei demais, super usaria os dois.


  11. Beautiful collection, love especially the dress from the last picture.

  12. I love all the looks. The sets are my favorite and of course the pastel colors!



  13. Thanks for featuring these new-to-me brands, Allie! I love this collection:) I find all the pieces wearable, The jumpsuits are my fave.

  14. I really love these pieces!
    so cool post!!!


  15. I am completely in love with this parede, amazing creation


  16. Beautiful pieces. I saw a few I’d wear. Happy Friday Allie.

  17. I absolutely love the first look *_*

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  18. Hello Allie, I hope everything is going well!

    So good that you had the chance to attend to this and other shows! First time I hear about the work of Negris Lebrum but the proposals are so interesting: nice patterns, functional clothes for the daily urban life and many graphic resources!

    My favorite was the set of coordinated pieces/ grey suit!


  19. Love the colorful tweed pieces!
    Have a great weekend,

  20. I love this pattern. This collection is so gorgeous. And it has a fun feel to it, while being completely polished as well.

  21. All these textures and designs look amazing! I love that lavender dress!

  22. I love this collection especially the tweed pieces.

  23. I think we can find here some of very interesting outfits here – thank you for sharing Alice 🙂

  24. Oooh, I love the pastels and the bright bursts of colour! If this is what’s to come in fashion in winter, then bring it on!!!!

  25. I am loving all the plaid and texture in this collection! Super fun!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  26. Love the silk dress and the cool looking overalls. Pretty collection!


  27. totally love the variety of colours and the fabric used! what a lovely collection!

  28. That pink check fabric is such a lovely colour palette, can i have my whole wardrobe made from that please? LOVE!
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