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Happy July everyone. I hope everyone’s summer is simmering along. We are almost at the mid-mark of summer if one can believe that. I installed my airconditioner this weekend just in time for the first heat wave of 2018. I got to the end of June with out using it so I think that is pretty good. In this installment of Link Love Express it will be a mixed bag of what I found out there in cyberspace. From summer treats to the ethical treatment of animals to tips from a highly successful influencer, it is all here in the twelfth installment of Link Love Express.

1) These oh so pretty D.I.Y popsicles will be sure to brighten up any summer party. Especially if you are going with pastel or pink theme.  They are the brainchild of Californian foodie blogger Stephanie of Desserts For Breakfast. She whipped them up when she discovered she had a plethora of berries that needed to be consumed asap. Wish I was this resourceful. But more importantly, how did she shoot these before they melted?

2) Influencers and fashionistas love their clothes, right? I mean lets face we do. Though many of us have little knowledge of where our clothes come from. I read an article recently that spoke about the myth of the informed millennial who shops with her conscience. The article stated that this more bark then bite and more talk then action. That the stats don’t lie and millennials are not buying more ethically conscience clothes. Something to think about. And speaking of barking, please check out this PETA campaign that is trying to end the slaughter of dogs to make leather work gloves for men and other assorted items for women. Really? Yes really. You can donate as little as $10.00.

Wether your are an avid YouTuber or just getting started, free music always comes in handy

3) And speaking of shopping consciously let me introduce you the jewelry company Pura Vida. Founded in Costa Rica by two young men from California on a graduation trip through Costa Rica. Not only does the company work with and donates to 174 different charities it also provides a steady income for local artisans and a safe working environment. If only the rest of the apparel industry did the same. Be sure to check them out. This is a guilty pleasure minus the guilt.

4) Summer is also a time to get outside more and for me I hope this equals making more videos. Much easier to shoot outdoors in good weather. I am a big fan of travel and out and about videos. And one of things that make these videos so engaging is the music. I had been signed up with Epidemic, which is a great service for people who shoot every week. For $15 a month you have unlimited downloads of royalty free music. Not bad. But I was laid off and had to rethink my expenditures so I had to put the service on hold. But I still needed music for my videos, right? Wether your are an avid YouTuber or just getting started, free music always comes in handy. You can check out this video from YouTuber Think Media who gives you the 411 on all the free tunes out there, there is more then you would think.

5) And finally I am going to introduce you to an blogger/influencer who I have been following for a while now. Many of you may already be familiar with her, but I love Jesse of Not Jess Fashion, and her stunning fashion sense as well as the beautiful photography she uses on her blog. She recently did a post on how you can turn your hobby in to a living. And if anyone one would be an expert on this topic it’s her. So head on over and you just may be able to quit that day job of yours.


  1. some great links and i love Jesse’s blog too.


  2. I feel like we skipped spring and jumped right into summer especially with this recent heat wave. I guess it’s still better than the freezing cold and snow. My husband and I have definitely been trying to get out more this summer. We’re in a mode where we want to visit the museums and check out more Broadway shows lately. We saw Kinky Boots yesterday and it was excellent!

  3. Pura Vida sounds amazing!! Need to check it out!

    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  4. Great links you have shared here Allie. I read Jess’s post few days ago. Definitely had me thinking. 🙂


  5. Those popsicles look absolutely divine, YUM! I am such a huge fan of Pura Vida, they’re incredible!

  6. Fabulous round up of topics. Yes, I would love those berry bars for breakfast.
    I also folow Jess, and enjoy her fabulous looks and photography.
    So glad you got AC… this week is hot hot hot.
    And yes this summers is flying.

  7. Even though summers can get pretty hot here in Vegas… I love them. Nothing beats being outside and most likely returning home with a tan hahahha.
    These Diy popsicles look so good and so picturesque (perfect for that summer instagram)
    Love everything you’ve shared with us Allie. Happy Fourth of July!


  8. I love Not Jess Fashion, she’s such a great talent! I always want everything she wears, hehe! xx


  9. That’s really cool! I hadn’t heard of them before! Thank you for sharing!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

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